A fall photo scavenger hunt

17 Dec

A few months ago, my girlfriend Heather posted this Fall Scavenger Hunt Photo challenge.  I swore to myself that I would do it so that I could practice using our new camera, but somehow never really got around to it.  BUT I did take some photos, so I will at least post what I have!  PS-Trent gets some credit for some of these shots- it was a dual effort!

Here was the original list:

fall scavenger hunt

A heart-shaped leaf.  Well, this one isn’t actually SHAPED like a heart, but the other leaf in front of it gives it an (upside-down) heart-shaped appearance.  (The red leaf in the center of the picture)

Leaves falling.  I took this one while we were in our back yard enjoying the beautiful fall weather (unfortunately for us, “fall” wasn’t here until mid-DECEMBER!)  The first picture doesn’t exactly capture the leaves actually falling; however, you will see in the second picture that those leaves are very much responsible for the leaves that were already fallen.



A warm drink.  This cup of delicious cocoa was made for me by Zach Mosby on Thanksgiving morning.  I’m so thankful for the Mosby’s!


Your favorite sweater. Your favorite scarf.  I decided to combine these two into one shot.  I can’t say that any of these are my favorites necessarily because I have so many that I love.


Tall boots.  These are my rain boots.  I love them!


A fall sunset.  We took this one after a celebration at our church.  #Revyourlife

fall sunset

A fall run.  Well… this was more like a fall walk.  But I was super pregnant through most of the early fall and then I had a baby, so a fall run (as awesome as it sounds) was not in the cards for me.

a fall run

Pumpkins.  These colorful pumpkins were on display outside of HEB.  They were beautiful!

fall vegetables


Jack-o-lantern.  Ashamedly, an itty-bitty plastic one was as good as I could do.


Halloween costume.  Trent’s zombie obsession on display… the zombie family, complete with the zombie baby trying to break out of my belly.  This was at De Voir Fitness where I do zumba.  We ended up scaring a few small children, but after talking to them and explaining that my costume wasn’t real, we were cool.


A fall baked good.  I used our pumpkin to make this yummy recipe with wild rice.  It was super tasty and very fall-esque.

fall baked good

A fall soup.  I made a delicious soup from acorn squash.  I have to admit that I LOVE soups made from squash.  There’s just something delicious and hearty about them.


A leaf pile.  Well… we live in South Texas, so the leaves barely even fall until early December… so we don’t so much have leaf piles… this is as good as I can do!



Fall veggies.  This photo was taken at the St. Paul Evangelical Church pumpkin patch.  This is the church where Trent and I got married.  🙂


A fall activity.  Sorry, I realize I’m only supposed to pick one photo for each category, but these were so much fun to take, I couldn’t choose just one!

Thanksgiving meal.  We spent our first Thanksgiving with our sweet baby Jedidiah only 5 days old!


A fall get-together.  It’s only appropriate that I use a photo from Heather’s vampire murder mystery party for this one (since she posted this scavenger hunt).  We had so much fun!


A candle burning.  I can’t take credit for this photo, but I wanted to include it because it is very special to me.  Heather gets the credit for this one.  She took this shot at the New Braunfels Family Birth Center while I was laboring with my little Jedi.


Something warm and cozy.  Okay, sorry in advance that I couldn’t choose just one for this category… what could be cozier than cats and babies???

warm and cozy2

warm and cozy


Cozied up in the sling next to his momma.

Something you’re thankful for.  My precious little family.

t and j

Trick-or-treat.  This year we went trick-or-treating with some good friends and their kids.  Trent stashed his candy in his bra (there’s a line I never thought I’d say…) except for the chocolate, which I “helped” take care of. 😉

trick or treat


And there you have it!  This was a fun thing to do.  Thanks for the challenge, Heather!


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