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The Jedidiah-ries (Diaries): sixth month

6 month sitting

Weight: 16.8 lbs.

Height: 27 1/2 inches

General Observations: This little boy is getting much stronger and more stable while sitting.  He started sitting on his own at the end of his 4th month and in this last month he’s really gotten much better at not only sitting on his own but reaching around for objects or toys.  He gets in crawling position and rocks back and forth but he hasn’t quite figured out how to go forward, although he can scoot himself around on the ground pretty well (He gets where he wants to go).

ready to crawl

Jedi has also started sitting in shopping carts and high chairs now.  He likes them quite a bit!  Jedi sings quite a bit now, especially when we’re in the car.  His hair is getting longer and his eyes are still changing color.  They are a bit more gray/hazel now, but I can still see the blue.  One of my favorite developments this month is that Jedidiah has started reaching for me (or daddy).  It always tugs at my heartstrings to see him look up at me and reach up with both of his little arms.  Ahhhh, he wants his momma; I love it!  Speaking of momma, he’s run into some stranger anxiety this month.  I’ve had a hard time leaving him places for any period of time.  He hasn’t made it through many classes at the YMCA (and those are only an hour long) before they’ve had to come and get me because he was so distressed.  Same thing at church… Hopefully he’ll grow out of this stage soon.

Health:  He’s very healthy.  We really haven’t seen anything this month that is cause for concern.  He had his six month check-up and the doctor was impressed with how well he’s doing.  His height, weight and head circumference are still following the curve nicely although his weight is starting to taper off a bit.  Our pediatrician thinks it’s just because he’s so active.  I think that Jedidiah’s teething, and I’ve been told by several people that even the moving up and down of teeth below the gums can be just as painful as the actual breaking through of the gums.  I still think the teething necklace helps but there have been days where I think his teeth have been bothering him more than others.

Eating:  Jedidiah isn’t nursing as often anymore.  We’re still at about 5-6 times a day most days, but that’s in a 24 hour period.  We’re still exclusively nursing and I love it.  He sure has shown an interest in food though.  He watches us so closely as we eat and drink.  He knows what cups are for and he knows to put them in his mouth.  Although he hasn’t learned to drink out of them, he puts his tongue inside the glass or slobbers on the outside rim of the glass. In fact, he tries to drink out of the cup we use to bathe him at night!  Yuck!  He definitely doesn’t understand why that water is off limits to him.

One of my favorite things to watch is when Trent gets home from work.  Usually I nurse Jedidiah at least once in the evening before his bedtime feeding and typically Trent and I sit on the couch and watch a TV show.  We sit side-by-side on the couch and I watch Jedidiah pull off and just look at his daddy.  He studies him intently and waits for him to notice.  When Trent looks down he gets the biggest smile and then goes back to eating, but just for a few gulps before he does it again.  I love watching him watch Trent.  It is the sweetest little game!

Sleeping:  If you remember at the end of the last month, we started trying to crib-train Jedidiah.  We had started with nap time since I was afraid to lose sleep by trying it at night, but we weren’t having much success with it.  There was still a LOT of crying and not a lot of sleeping.  So one day my mother-in-law stopped by while he was screaming in his crib and suggested that maybe it would be better to try to put him in the crib at night instead, since he already has a good nighttime routine and knows it’s time to sleep.  Even though the idea scared me (and I still wasn’t sure I didn’t want him right next to me at night), I decided to go for it.  Trent took a Wednesday off of school to come and watch our swimming lesson, and so Tuesday night (going into Wednesday), I decided it was “now or never.”  So we put him down and guess what?  He slept!  He went a good 7 or 8 hours before he woke up.  Of course my body wasn’t prepared for this long stretch so my boobs were engorged, but I nursed him and put him down and he slept for another few hours.  All in all, he slept for 11 hours that first night!  I felt like, wow!  This is amazing.  On the night of Mother’s Day, he slept for 11 hours straight!

Anyways, we’ve all heard the saying, “sleep begets sleep,” so I was hoping that him sleeping better at night would lead to him sleeping better during the day.  My girlfriend sent me some information that she found helpful with her little one that basically outlined how long babies should be awake or asleep for.  One in particular followed the 2-3-4 rule.  So basically, 2 hours after baby wakes up they should go down for their first nap.  Then 3 hours after they wake up from that nap, they should go down for nap #2, and then 4 hours after that, they should be going to bed.  We tried this religiously for about 2 weeks but that first nap was like pulling teeth!  He’d cry for SO LONG.  One day it was 2 hours and he still never went to sleep (I had to get him up to leave for tutoring), but other days it would be like, cry for 50 minutes, sleep for 10.  In the end I decided it wasn’t worth it to try to push.  I debated back and forth whether I was putting him down too early (he wasn’t tired yet, so he was pissed that I put him in the crib) or if I was putting him down too late (he was already over-tired and therefore couldn’t sleep).  Eventually I just started watching him closely for signs that he was tired.  As soon as I thought he was, I would put him down.  That seemed to work much better.  We still struggle with the morning nap, but the afternoon one(s) are much smoother now!  He only sleeps for like 20-40 minutes at a time, but hey, that’s better than nothing!

This whole sleep business really stressed me out!  I was even tracking his sleep and graphing it to try to find patterns of what was working and what wasn’t.  For him the 2-3-4 didn’t really work.  His is more like a 3 or 4-3-4.  But you just have to find out what works for your baby!


Diapers:  We’ve been much better about using the cloth diapers this month, but a big part of that is the fact that we’ve slowed down and cut a lot of things out of our schedule so we could be home more (for nap times).

Clothes:  He’s definitely in 6 month clothing, although some outfits are still a bit too big for him.  He can squeeze into a few 3 month outfits yet, but they’re getting pretty tight on him, so we figured we’d retire them and move on to a whole new wardrobe!


Jedidiah celebrated his first Fiesta, which is a special time of celebration in San Antonio.  We didn’t go to many events (because the crowds and parking situations are CRAY-CRAY!) but we did make it out to Alamo Heights Night with some of Trent’s co-workers.  We enjoyed an evening of socializing, beer, live music and, at the end of the night, fireworks!  Jedidiah LOVED the fireworks and was mesmerized by them.  It was so fun to watch him experience new things!

alamo heights night

My Zumba place, DeVoir Fitness, also put on a special Fiesta event.  I decided to take Jedidiah and just strap him on me while I worked out.  He loved the music and the movement (it probably reminded him of what it was like en eutero), in fact, he even fell asleep about half-way through!  We had a nice time seeing everybody!

Jedidiah came with me to a friend’s bridal shower.  It was on a day when some crazy storms hit, so we were pretty drenched when we finally made it inside Chuy’s.  I decided to try to put him in a high chair, since the cart had been a success.  He LOVED it.  He likes to be where he can see everything, so he was definitely a fan.  After a while, Trent came to pick him up so I could enjoy my time with the girls,  but it wasn’t before Jedidiah’s “girlfriend” came.  Yep, he’s already working his magic with the ladies!

high chair2

“May the 4th be with you!”  Yes, Jedi celebrated May 4th, which only nerds and Star Wars fanatics appreciate (we qualify as both).  We made sure we donned our Star Wars apparel in recognition of this day.  Check out our cute family picture!

star wars2

We didn’t really celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but at our church meeting that night we did have a potluck and man, were there some delicious Mexican foods that we ate!  We couldn’t find a Jedi-sized sombrero so we had to settle for this cute little onesie that says, “The Senoritas love me!”

cinco de mayo

We celebrated our first Mother’s Day together with time at church and then a lunch out with the family.  You can read about that here.

Jedidiah attended his first wedding.  It wasn’t just any wedding either, it was a DOUBLE wedding.  Two of our friends from church decided to get married after a very powerful sermon series at our church called Sex and the Scripture.  It was an amazing testimony to their friends and family of obedience to what God’s word says.  I am so proud of these two wonderful brides!  (Plus, Stevie and Rob’s daughter has already been promised to Jedidiah) 😉

double wedding

attempted kiss

Jedidiah trying to kiss Avery… she’s not having it.

We still visit daddy at work a couple times a month.  His students enjoy the interaction with Jedidiah and it is a fun time for all of us!

daddy's work

Likes:  His favorite “toy” in the house is still his flower.  He LOVES that thing.  I don’t know if it’s the bright color, or the texture of the petals, or the fact that he can grip and swing around the stem… I don’t know, but he sure does love to play with it!


He still enjoys being outside.  Another thing he has grown to love is bath time!  Since he started taking swimming lessons, he’s really started playing in the bath instead of just chilling while we wash him.  He SPLASHES and SPLASHES and SPLASHES.

He loves to swim and in fact, at the end of this month, I bought him a little inflatable pool.  However, we never got to use it because our cat (or one of the many other outdoor critters that frequent our yard) tore it up.  I tried to duct tape the holes, but really, it was pointless.  Now we’ll have to get a hard pool instead… lesson learned.

Dislikes:  Not much.  He gets fussy when he’s tired, especially at night, but he’s just trying to communicate his needs with us.

Memorable moments and firsts:  He started reaching for mommy when he wants to be picked up.  I love this and treasure the moments when he looks up at me and stretches out his little arms towards me!

reaching up

He rides in the cart now, sitting up like a big boy.  I think he likes it much better than being in the car seat as he can see what’s going on around him.  He also really likes to play with the cart handle (I do wipe it down before I put him in there).


Like I mentioned before, this was the first month he started sitting in high chairs when we’re out to eat.

A friend of mine from my mommy group is trying “elimination communication” and has been doing it with her daughter since birth.  She sits her on the potty and she says that about 50% of the time, she goes potty or poop when she’s on there.  Anyways, she inspired me to buy a baby potty (we’d have to buy one eventually anyways) and try it out.  The good news: Jedidiah went pee-pee on his potty!  The bad news: he only did it once.  I think we were too busy and out of the house too often for me to be consistent with it.  Although we tried, we’ve kind of gone away from it now, but we’ll see what happens.

We had baby Jedidiah dedicated at church on Mother’s Day.  This was a very special time for us as parents.  You can read about his baby dedication here.

Jedidiah’s learned how to “drive” his walker.  For the past few months, he’s played in it and even moved around some, but this month he FIGURED IT OUT!  He can do a 4 point turn, he backs up and goes around when he gets stuck, he can go where he wants to.  My husband took this funny video of him chasing our kitty cat around the house.  Poor cat was scared to death, but it was hilarious!  You can check out that video“>here.  He’s just SO good at directing the walker to where he wants to go.  He’s also started running in the thing.  It’s super fun to let him chase us down the hallway.  This kid goes full speed!  It’s kinda funny when he crashes into things, his stop is so abrupt, it seems like he needs an airbag in there!

There have been a few times I’ve had to nurse Jedi in the car so I bring him in the front seat to do so.  When we’re done, he LOVES to play with the steering wheel.  I’m going to have to watch this boy closely!


What about mom?  Well, a good friend gently pointed out that I may be “too busy.”  She challenged me to know my limits and even reminded me that “Busyness” is not a Biblical model for how to live.  So, her wisdom along with my desire to get Jedidiah’s napping figured out, led me to cut back significantly on my obligations.  “Baby and Me” time at the Library is on hiatus until June, so that worked out to leave.  Our swimming lessons wrapped up as soon as he hit 6 months, so I knew that that would be ending shortly.  My Spanish lessons ended at the end of this month as well.  I cut back on my time at the gym anytime it conflicted with potential sleep times for Jedidiah.  I even stopped going to my mommy group for a few weeks.  Although in some ways this was refreshing, it was also exhausting because I don’t feel like I’m getting out so much and the days with him seem a lot longer.


Daddy time:  Oh my word, these two have so much fun together.  I absolutely love watching them interact!  Daddy brought Jedidiah to Toys’R’Us one day and they had fun in the Jeep.

fun with daddyDaddy loves to make Jedi laugh and is constantly doing silly things to that end.  I love the end result though.  These two…

Until next month’s post!

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Luwak coffee: cat-poo-chino

In my previous post about Satria tea and coffee plantation, I wrote about the different kinds of teas and coffees that we were able to try when we were on a day trip in Bali, Indonesia.  But what I didn’t write about was the Copi Luwak coffee.

I never knew about Luwak coffee until I saw the movie The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson.  In the movie, he loves this coffee; after all, it is the MOST EXPENSIVE coffee in the world.  It sells for about $100 dollars a pound or in some expensive restaurants, $50 dollars a cup.  So when we were given the opportunity to try it, we said… yes.

Why the hesitation?  Well here’s how Luwak coffee is made… there’s this little critter called a civet, or as the natives call him, a luwak.  He’s pretty cute, as you can see below.

What’s not as cute is that he eats the ripest coffee cherries he can find and then while they are in his stomach they go through a fermentation process and then are passed out of the body through defecation.  From Wikipedia:

Producers of the coffee beans argue that the process may improve coffee through two mechanisms, selection and digestion. Selection occurs if the civets choose to eat cherries. Digestive mechanisms may improve the flavor profile of the coffee beans that have been eaten. The civet eats the cherries for the fleshy pulp, then in the digestive tract, fermentation occurs. The civet’s protease enzymes seep into the beans, making shorter peptides and more free amino acids.  Passing through a civet’s intestines the cherries are then defecated with other fecal matter and collected.

Why would anyone drink this then???  (And who the heck came up with the idea to try coffee from fecal matter???)  Apparently, this process is supposed to make the coffee more flavorful.  Is it dangerous, you might ask, since it’s literally been pooped out?  The short answer is no.  Even though the beans have passed through the civet’s stomach and digestive system, they have not been opened or otherwise compromised in any way.  Once they are pooped out, they are still like any other coffee bean.  They are cleaned, then roasted, and then voila- Luwak Coffee!

They showed us each step and explained the whole process- from seed to coffee.  From the poop (as you can see above), they clean the beans and then roast them.  Once they are roasted, they hand grind them to make the coffee.

Anyways, after our complimentary samples of the different teas and coffees they had, we decided to try a cup.  After all, “When in Bali…”  Normally, this kind of coffee retails for a very high price, and well, let’s be honest, Trent and I are “cheap.”  But it turns out that when you’re at the actual source, the coffee is not so expensive.  We ordered one cup of Luwak coffee, which their menu cleverly calls “Catpoochino,” for 50,000 Indonesian Rupia, which is the equivalent to about $3.70 USD.  For that price, why not try one of the most famous coffees in the world?  We knocked that one off the bucket list (as if it were ever on there).


Our overall consensus- not quite our “cup of tea,” well, coffee anyways.  I’m not really a coffee drinker in the first place, so I prefer a more mild brew (with a lot of sugar) when I do drink it.  This was a stronger coffee that was much bolder than my preference.  Trent IS a coffee drinker, but it wasn’t his favorite either.  We enjoyed some of their flavored coffees much more than this one.  But we don’t regret trying it, and we will always remember Bali and our catpoochino!  Would you try it?



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Satria coffee and tea plantation: Bali, Indonesia

This rainy, cloudy morning I am sitting on my sofa in my pajamas, without makeup (don’t judge me), drinking Mangosteen tea.  This delicious warm beverage immediately brought back memories from our visit to Bali, Indonesia, just a little over a year ago.

I don’t think I’ve blogged much about our trip to Indonesia yet, with the exception of writing about our sunrise climb up volcanic Mount Batur.  Anyways, on a day trip we took, we visited a coffee and tea plantation that grew all of their own organic produce to make tea and coffee.

I had not been feeling very well all morning, which was especially uncomfortable in the car and in the Bali heat, but this stop was a nice break for me.  Tucked back in Taman Village sat Satria tea and coffee plantation.


We walked through their entirely organic gardens and admired all the beautiful flowers and fruit trees.  Our guide pointed out many different kinds of plants that they use: vanilla, cocoa, coffee beans, coconut, mangosteen, rosella, papaya, starfruit, banana, lemongrass, ginseng, etc.

In addition to all of these plants, there were also many pretty and colorful flowers.

We walked up to this little terrace overlooking acres of forest and plants that were a part of the plantation.  We sat down and a woman brought us a platter full of different teas and flavors of coffee in these cute little glass cups.

serving us coffee

view from the terrace

The lovely view from the terrace


Sitting in the shaded, covered area, sipping these different teas and coffees was really refreshing.  We really enjoyed the different flavors that we tasted.  From top to bottom, left to right, we tasted: ginseng coffee, coconut coffee, moccacino, vanilla coffee; hot cocoa, saffron tea, mangosteen tea, and regular Bali coffee; lemongrass tea, rice tea, ginger tea, and rosella tea. Our favorites were the Ginseng coffee, the lemongrass tea rosella tea and the Mangosteen tea.


Most of the fruits or flavors above were familiar to us (although our guide Wayan did have to show us a lot of the plants), but Mangosteen and Rosella were new.  I looked up each of them and you can see them here.


This is what Mangosteen looks like.


The Rosella plant (above) and what the fruit actually looks like

After we had finished sampling the coffees and teas above, we ordered some Luwak coffee, but I’ll write more about that in a second post.  Before we left, we had the opportunity to go by their store.  We liked some of the teas and coffees so much that we bought some to bring back to China with us.  One of the teas we bought was in this cute little container, which we kept as a souvenir and is now sitting on my bathroom shelf below a picture that we also purchased in Bali.

Bali container

Anyways, this was one of our favorite stops on our day trip!  We recommend visiting this plantation if you’re ever in Bali!

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My first Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be a day of joy or of sadness.  Many have lost mothers or have lost babies that would have made them mothers.  Some desperately want to be a mother but can’t.  Others have been blessed to be new mothers or even grandmothers.  On this day I get to celebrate being a new mother.

Motherhood has been my greatest blessing in life.  These past 6 months with Jedidiah have completely changed everything, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  There’s no greater calling or job in the universe than that of being a mother.  This calling, however, comes with a great responsibility!  The weight of raising a child, loving them, and taking care of all their physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological needs can be overwhelming.  It’s no wonder we take a special day each year to recognize them for all that they do!

This mother’s day I was blessed in many ways.  Trent gave me my gift(s) a day early.  We went up to visit him for lunch on Friday.  He and his kids were making Mother’s Day flower pots.  He knew that I would love to have one as well, so while we were there, we did a little fingerprint art with Jedidiah.  The pots were little so they weren’t big enough for his entire hand or foot (although we did try).  On a side note, I don’t know how anyone does these on their own!  It is seriously next to impossible to do by yourself.  We even had several failed attempts together!  But I love the way it turned out and I love that we made it together.  It says 1st Mothers Day and has his name and the date on the back.  Now I just have to find some cute flowers to put in there!

flower pot

On Saturday, Trent gave me his gift.  He knows that I prefer experiences or gifts that are heartfelt and homemade over “stuff” any day. I love photos (perhaps obsessively), so he got me a beautiful flower pot and put one of my favorite photos of my two favorite people inside.  I absolutely adore it!  (Plus it’s orange, my favorite color).  We’ll add some writing and the date to this one too eventually.

mother's day flower and frame

But more than this, I love that he tells me all the time that I’m a good mother.  He affirms me often and makes me feel appreciated.  He encourages me when I’m frustrated or feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing.  He also tries to give me some time alone so that I can have an occasional break from housekeeping and mothering duties.  He tells me “Thank you.”  I appreciate all these things much more than gifts, but I still love that he went out of his way to make me feel special on my first mother’s day.

Trent and I decided to have baby Jedidiah dedicated at church that Sunday in front of our family and friends.  This was an extra special moment for me as his mommy and I’m thankful we got to do it on Mother’s Day!  You can watch the dedication or read about it here.  I’m also so thankful that our family was able to be there to celebrate with us.  After service we headed over to the photo booth that the church had set up for us.  Check out these wonderful shots.  🙂



After church we headed to the Olive Garden for lunch together as a family.  This was a big deal since we haven’t been out to eat as a family since before our babies were born (my sister-in-law had her baby 3 weeks after Jedidiah was born).  That’s HALF A YEAR!  It was exciting to go out again.  However… the excitement dwindled a bit as we waited nearly 2 hours to get a table.  Dinner was wonderful though and we enjoyed our time together as a family.

olive garden

After dinner, we headed back to Trent’s parents’ house.  We gave her our gift (a photo book) and she gave us ours.  She made me and my sister-in-law beautiful gifts using lots of little details to bless us on this Mother’s Day.  She chose to use 1 Samuel 1:27 for mine: “For this child I have prayed and the Lord has granted me the desires of my heart.”  That is certainly true and we praise and thank God every day for our biggest (little) blessing.  She decorated it with a cross, representing our faith, and then a Chinese fan and a ying-yang, representing our time in China (After all, Jedidiah was “made in China”).  On the other side, she put in a picture of Jedidiah right after he was born and put his name and birthday.  Like I said before, I love homemade gifts and especially photographs, so I love this one!  She even found a cute little card with a Chinese momma and baby.  It is so cute!

mom's gift

I was also blessed by many sweet messages and cards, flowers and gifts.  I want to thank all of you for making my first mother’s day so very special!


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A letter to my son on Mother’s Day

wild about mommy

Dear Jedidiah,

I know that you are too young to read this, but one day I want you to be able to read these words and be reminded of how much I love you.

I am so thankful on this Mother’s Day that you have made me a mother.  I am thankful that you chose me and your daddy to be your parents.  There is no greater call or responsibility, nor is there anything I’d rather be than your mommy.

Even before you were born, we couldn’t wait to meet you.  We talked to you and read to you and imagined what you’d be like.  I loved feeling you move in my belly and treasured having you safe inside me.  We watched you grow and read about how you were changing every week.  We counted down the months and days and hours until you’d be with us.


When you were born, we cried tears of joy.  We held you gently and snuggled you close.  We smothered you with kisses and watched you for hours on end.


In the 6 months since you were born (and even before that), you have changed our lives so much.  I can’t even imagine what our life was like before you were in it and I want to share every moment with you now.  I love watching  you learn.  I love watching you smile.  I love hearing your laugh.  I love hearing you talk.  I treasure every snuggle, every sloppy kiss and can’t help but to think, “Wow, this is the best job in the world.”


I pray over you constantly, thanking the Lord for his protection and provision over your life.  I ask him to teach you and guide you and to make you a man after his own heart.  I pray for your future, that you would come to know him as Lord and Savior and that you would walk in his ways.  I thank God for blessing us with your life and I praise him for every moment you’re with us.  You are our greatest gift, our most prized possession, our most precious treasure.

On this Mother’s Day I want you to know more than anything how much your daddy and I love you.  We can’t wait to watch you grow and learn and experience life.  We will be there in the happy times to cheer you on and to celebrate with you; and we will be there in the sad times, to hold you, to comfort you and to wipe away your tears.  We promise to love you the best we can through it all.  Thank you for making us parents.  We love you Jedidiah!

Love Always,



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Jedidiah’s baby dedication

Well, last weekend at church, we had baby Jedidiah dedicated.  It was a special Sunday to do it, since it was also my first Mother’s Day!

Many of you may be wondering, “what is a baby dedication?”  Well, it’s similar to a baby baptism, except without the water.  I personally was raised in the Catholic church and I was baptized as an infant.  However, since I have grown up in my faith, I have come to believe that the Biblical model for baptism is as a “going public” statement of faith.  Because of this, I also chose to be baptized as an adult.  In fact, my husband and I got baptized together on Easter Sunday 5 years ago.  That was also a very special time for both of us.  Anyways, we decided to dedicate Jedidiah and hope that he too will choose to be baptized later in life.

Revolution Church has four services each weekend, one on Saturday night and three on Sunday morning.  Usually we go to the 10:00 service and then stay to serve the 11:30, but since we wanted our family to be there for this special day, we decided to serve the 11:30 and attend the 1:00 service (they are all late risers).  This turned out to be a blessing for us as we were the only family to choose this service to have our baby dedicated (the other services were packed!).  It allowed Pastor Zak to really make it more personal and special for us as a family.

He introduced us on stage and even told the church that our little Jedidiah was “Made in China” while we were up there (He thinks that is pretty funny).  Then he read Deuteronomy 6 where it talks about the blessings in store for those who love God and who follow his commandments.  “These are the commands, decrees and laws the Lord your God directed me to teach you to observe in the land that you are crossing the Jordan to possess, so that you, your children and their children after them may fear the Lord your God as long as you live by keeping all his decrees and commands that I give you, and so that you may enjoy long life.”  This is important because the Shema, which I’ve written about in other posts, was the first passage of scripture the Hebrews would teach their children.  “Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one.  Obey the commandments I am giving you today.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.  These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts.  Impress these words upon your children.  Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up…” 


Then we got to the dedication part.  Really, it should be called a parent dedication rather than a baby dedication as we are the ones promising to raise him up to love God and to obey his commandments (out of love, not out of obligation); to transfer Jedidiah’s dependence on us to a dependence on God.  And by doing this, generations to come can be changed.  We’ve always prayed that God would use Jedidiah’s life for his glory, and who knows what kind of influence he’ll have on his generation and the next?  We made this promise before God, our family and before our church.

baby dedication

Then came the church’s part.  They also dedicated themselves to come alongside us to make this commitment happen, through prayer and support.  We don’t believe that they made that commitment arbitrarily either, as this church really has become our family.  We treasure them and they treasure us, and together, we’re on a mission to start a revolution of grace in one life at a time.

After the church made their commitment, they stretched out their hands and prayed over us.  Pastor Zak prayed for:

Protection in the midst of a dark and hurting world…

Hope for his future…

Security in Christ…

Comfort when he’s hurting or lonely…

Overwhelming grace to flow through his life…


Victory in the battle…

Daily provision…

and guidance as he walks through life.

He finished with some prayers from Psalm 23, that Jedidiah would see God as his Good Shepherd.



Finally, we were given a Jesus Storybook Bible as a gift and as a tool to equip our son to go out and bring hope and joy into the world and to grow in the faith and the knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Last but not least, I pray that my son’s identity will be deeply rooted in who he is in Christ, and that this creed would be in his mind and on his heart as he grows up.

I am

This was a really special time for us as parents and we are so thankful for our church family.  Oh yeah, after the dedication, Jedidiah got kicked out of service for being too loud… how many people can say that their baby was dedicated and kicked out on the same day?!?  This kid… I’m sure God has great things in store for him.

If you want to watch the video of his dedication, here you go!  Enjoy!  #revyourlife



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The Jedidiah-ries (diaries)- Month 5

Height:  I totally forgot to measure him this month… and by now, my measurements will be completely inaccurate!  Oops!

Weight: 16.7 pounds

General Observations:  This kid is already so much fun!  He loves to smile and giggle. He’s super tactile right now- he wants to touch EVERYTHING (but not yet put everything in his mouth, which is good).  He loves feeling different textures, and particularly loves feeling things in nature (and the cat’s tail- hehe).  You can tell that he is processing these different textures.


Here he’s checking out a flower.

He also has really good hand-eye coordination and his control is pretty good.  He grips toys and holds on to them fairly well and can even keep them in his grasp when he’s shaking them.

toy control

He is babbling more and seeming to make more actual syllabic sounds rather than just noises.  I speak to him in Spanish and I’ve noticed this month that he really stares and concentrates when he hears someone else speaking it.  This is also the first month that I’ve noticed any color other than blue in his eyes.  He has some small brown specks in there but blue is still the overwhelming color.  They’re really pretty.


He is sitting up by himself this month and even starting to get into crawling position.  He doesn’t quite have it down yet, but he can get his little legs under him and sometimes get up on his arms.

Now that he’s sitting up pretty well, we’ve sat him in his high chair to play a little bit.  It gives me one more option of a place I can set him down for a minute without having to worry.  I put him in his crib a few times too, but he loves to be upright. At the beginning of the month, he wasn’t quite sturdy enough to leave that way, so I could put him in his high chair and he could sit up with a little support.

high chair

Health:  Jedidiah has still been very healthy but we had about a week’s worth of a runny nose.  It was terrible.  He wasn’t running a fever or anything, but he HATES having the suction thingie in his nose and he doesn’t like the saline spray either.  We later realized that this runny nose was simply a symptom of teething so it really wasn’t anything to worry about.  Speaking of teething, we had a REALLY rough few days where he was just super fussy.  I could (and still can) see where a bottom tooth is pressing its way to the surface, but we’re still waiting on it to finally poke through.  As soon as he started getting fussy, I ordered an Amber Teething Necklace on Amazon.  I have friends who swear by these things!  The one I ordered was about 20 bucks and is made of Baltic Amber.  Supposedly, contact with baby’s skin and body heat release a pain-relieving compound that helps combat teething pain and fussiness.  So far, I can’t complain- he seems to be back to his normal self and his tooth doesn’t seem to be bothering him.  Plus it’s kind of cute!  Anyways, I totally recommend it if anyone has an infant who is or is about to be teething.

amber necklace

Look at how cute the necklace looks! (And Jedidiah, of course!)

Eating:  This month I had a realization.  When he would start to get really fussy (especially when we were out and about), I thought he was hungry.  But then he would fall asleep in the car.  When he woke up, I thought he’d be STARVING, but he wasn’t fussing at all.  So basically I think I’ve been feeding him when what he really needs is a nap.  Although, in my defense, usually when I fed him he would go to sleep, so we were accomplishing the same overall goal, but I just didn’t realize what he really needed.  So… all that taught me that really he can go like 3 1/2-4 hours between feedings in the day, where I thought he could only go 2 1/2-3.  It’s giving me a break in a way, but also not.  When I was nursing him more often, I could get more relaxation time (surf Facebook, check my e-mail, watch a show).  Now that he’s stretching out further, I really have to be on point all day when he’s awake.  So I’m feeling more tired!

He’s still so sweet when he nurses.  He gently plays with my hair or my shirt or my necklace or rubs my skin so sweetly.  I really love this time we have together.


Sleeping: Jedidiah had one 7 hour stretch at night and I thought, “Yes!  This is it!  We’ve finally gotten over the hump.”  But then the teething started…  It was like a cruel joke after he’d been waking up more frequently for feedings again in the night (I think he was going through a growth spurt).  Anyways, we haven’t seen another 7 hour stretch, but the cluster feedings have stopped and he’s back to just a few feedings a night.

We know we need to move him to his crib pretty soon as he’s outgrowing the rocker he’s slept in since he was born.  He is getting too long for it and we’ve had to start strapping him in (which was never an issue before) which sometimes wakes him back up.  He can wiggle and squirm and even though I’m pretty sure he can’t actually roll out of it, he’s sure tried!  I was starting to have nightmares about him ending up upside down in it and rolling out, so I knew we needed to start transitioning him out.  We know it’s only a matter of time before he will be too long for it.


As you can see, he’s trying to flip over in his rocker.

So… in order to transition out, we started sleep training in the crib for naps… oh, boy, what an undertaking!  I decided to start with naps so that we wouldn’t be losing sleep (only sanity) when we were trying to get him used to sleeping there.  So far, it has been exhausting and we only started it at the end of this month, so hopefully it will catch on soon!  I don’t know how much more of the crying I can take! It is agonizing listening to your little one scream in distress.  We go in every 10 minutes or so just to pat him on the back or tuck him back in, but then leave again.  We’re trying to let him know that we’re there but that he’s going to have to learn to sleep in his crib by himself.  So far we’ve been successful a few times!



Diapers:  Man, we’re still pretty lazy.  I use the cloth diapers, but not nearly as much as I thought I would.  I think if we were home more during the days, we would, but we’re just out and about all the time.  He’s up to size 2 in disposable diapers, but it won’t be long before he needs size 3!

Clothes:  This boy is long!  He’s outgrown all of his 3 month sleepers and most of his footed pants.  He’s still in 3-6 month clothes for the most part but most of the 3 month outfits are getting pretty tight on him.


St. Patrick’s Day was spent doing zumba together at De Voir Fitness.  Trent was on Spring break that week so he kept the baby while I worked out and then brought him by afterwards for the festivities.  Everyone loves to see him (since they were all there for my pregnancy).


Trent’s childhood friend, Ross, took us to Six Flags for an afternoon of fun.  We had a good time walking around and watching shows (and eating).  Jedi even rode his first ride… the Carousel.  He seemed to enjoy watching all the lights and movement.

six flags

We celebrated two family birthdays this month.  Nana’s birthday was a little surprise party at my sister and brother-in-law’s house (a few weeks late, due to sickness).  Then a few weeks later, we celebrated our nephew’s birthday.  It’s always a pleasure to get the family together, especially the babies!

We went to the Windcrest Carnival with daddy one Saturday.  Jedidiah and I hung out while Trent worked a booth.  Jedidiah got lots of attention (those sunglasses!) and seemed to enjoy himself.


Likes:  He still loves books and reading with mommy and daddy.  He even “helps” us hold the book and turn the pages.


His favorite place in our whole house is my bathroom.  He loves to play  in my basket- he likes to feel the brushes and he LOVES taking out (and putting back in) this random fake flower that somehow ended up in there.  He will sit and play with it forever!  He takes it out and puts it back in…. takes it back out and puts it back in.  And when he’s fussy and nothing else will console him, sitting in front of the mirror playing in this basket is our saving grace.  Who would have thought…

He still loves to be outside.  We take him on walks nearly every day and daddy especially lets him bring home grass, sticks, leaves and branches from bushes, which he shows me proudly and plays with very intently.  He also loves being on our outside swing with mommy or daddy.


Dislikes:  This month Jedidiah began to really hate driving in the dark.  I’m not sure if he gets scared or if he’s just mad that he can’t see anything, but night drives home were VERY painful for the first part of the month.  We decided that this was no way to live, so we ended up buying a car mirror that both lights up and plays music.  The very first night we used it, it was like a miracle!  He fell asleep within minutes of being put in the car.  The second night too.  It worked so well that we went out and bought a second one for my car (even though it wasn’t necessarily in the budget).

He also hates getting out of the bath tub.  He loves playing in the water and gets mad at us when it is time to get out and start getting ready for bed.

Memorable moments and firsts:

spursWe went to our first Spurs game as a family.  It was actually to celebrate our anniversary, but we wanted little man with us (we always want him with us).  It was a great game against the LA Clippers (which we won).  We had a great time.  We’re trying to teach Jedidiah to say “Go, Spurs, Go!” (Train up a child…).

He rolled all the way from one side to the other, and he rolled LEFT!  (Zoolander, anyone?)  He always rolls right, so it was fun to watch him roll all the way to the right and then all the way back over to the left.  This kid…

He started rubbing his eyes when he gets sleepy.

He LOVES to be upside down and it seems to be one good way to elicit giggles (or at the very least, big smiles) from our little man.

He’s got a tooth in the works.  I can see it pressing up against his gums and at the beginning of the month it was causing him a lot of pain.  He was very fussy.  But we ordered an amber teething necklace on Amazon and it has helped a LOT.  I totally recommend it for anyone who has a teething (or almost teething) infant.

Spring in Texas means annual Blue Bonnet pictures!  We are thankful for the random stranger who offered to take some family shots of us (instead of me trying to use the tripod and self-timer).  Bless her for some of these wonderful shots!

blue bonnets

Jedidiah celebrated his first Easter!  We served at church during the Saturday night Easter service and then attended on Easter morning.  We were blessed to have our whole family with us for this special day.


We started taking swimming classes!  We are attending FREE (Yes, FREE) classes at Love to Swim and Tumble.  They offer free classes up to 6 months old, so we are definitely taking advantage of this offer (and we wish we would have known about it sooner).  During his second class he was already kicking and splashing by himself.  He’s a quick learner and it is so fun to watch him enjoying the water so much!


Jedidiah can sit by himself!  WHAT?!?  Slow down, kiddo!  He started tripod sitting about midway through this month and towards the end, he was sitting up by himself for pretty decent stretches of time.  He loves to sit outside and play with the rocks/sand/grass around him.  I am so impressed by this little boy!

tripod sit

His tripod sitting

What about mom?  Mommy had her first long stretch of time without baby for a wedding I went to with one of my best friends.  It was hard being away from my bubba for so long, but daddy and Nana and Popo took good care of him while I was gone.  I was glad to get back to him though!

I’m still going to a mommy group once a week.  It’s a nice outlet and I enjoy the ladies a lot. I go to the Y several times  a week and tutor.  This gets us out of the house a fair amount.  That being said, I love staying at home with Jedidiah, exhausting as it is, and wouldn’t want it any other way!

Daddy time!  Daddy got to take Jedidiah to the library during his spring break for “baby and me” time.  I know he enjoyed being the one to bring him and they got to enjoy some “boy” time.

We’ve been trying to visit daddy for lunch every week to two weeks.  His kids like to interact with Jedidiah and I know that it makes Trent’s day so much better (plus, we love to see him too!).

lunch with daddy

Trent also got a new job that we are very excited about!  He will be working closer to home and he’ll be working with some friends of mine who are very excellent educators.  We are looking forward to this new adventure for next year!

Daddy’s started taking Jedidiah for walks every day when he gets home from work.  This allows me to cook dinner and have a few minutes of silence in my day.  He straps him on and takes him all around the neighborhood.  It’s good time for both of them to spend this daddy/Jedi time together.  🙂

daddy walks

The two of them are so cute together and I love to watch them interact.  Look at the matching ties.  I love these guys of mine so much!

Until next month’s post!

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Straining toward what is ahead: check-in #2

So, in order to meet my goals this year, I want to do bi-monthly check-in’s for accountability!  If you want to see my original goals for the year, check out my blog post Straining toward what is ahead (

Here’s the second round: March and April.

Physical goals:  I’ve still been working out pretty regularly at the Y.  I like to do Zumba there but one of my girlfriends challenged me to come do “Body Flow” with her.  Now I’ve never been a big fan of Yoga.  When Trent and I did P90x a few years ago, yoga was the one video that we absolutely HATED.  We would do just about anything to NOT have to do the yoga.  Granted, this is quite different, but it’s really made me hate yoga for a while now.  So for me to do this was kind of a big deal.  It really made me step out of my comfort zone because it is certainly not the work-out I would have chosen, but I’ve grown to actually like it.  It’s definitely different than the high tempo, high energy work-outs I’m used to, but I’m starting to get into it.  I do see it helping with strength and balance, and quite frankly, it is nice to do something quiet and relaxing.  Other than that, I haven’t been running much except a few random times here and there, but I don’t have anything I’m training for so I haven’t been so motivated.

Juicing… FAIL.  I think I’ve juiced like twice in the past two months.  I really need to step up my juicing game (but cleaning the juicer is such a chore!).

Not that I put a lot of stock in my weight (we don’t even own a scale), but I’m down to four pounds less than I was when I got pregnant with Jedidiah, so that’s cool.  🙂

Financial goals:  Well, we’re still working on this one, but it seems like we’re starting to have a little extra money (finally).  We’ve been able to make some bigger purchases of things we’ve been needing for a while now, so that’s a relief.  I’m still giving Spanish lessons twice a week and I’ve taken on a new gig tutoring a Kindergartener once a week.  It does help me feel like I’m helping without needing to leave Jedidiah for a long period of time.

Trent got a new job for next year, praise the Lord, but unfortunately he has to do some training this summer.  Fortunately, he will get a stipend for that, so that money will be helpful as well!

Relational goals: Date nights… check!

In March we went on several dates.  Some with the baby and some without.  We thought it would be special to celebrate our anniversary as a family by going to a Spurs game.  We ended up going to see the Spurs vs. the LA Clippers and it was an AWESOME game, not only because we won, but because we had so much fun together!  We loved it!


  • We also spent a day as a family at Landa Park in New Braunfels.  We love this park and we enjoyed a beautiful day strolling around enjoying the weather and nature.  Jedidiah loves to be outside, so he had a great time.

One of our dates without the baby was to celebrate our friend Laura’s birthday.  Laura had a baby about a month before Jedidiah was born, so we were pregnant together.  We had dinner on the Riverwalk and then we went on a Ghost Tour, which basically takes you around downtown San Antonio, through the old battlegrounds of the Alamo and to different historical landmarks.  Although we didn’t see any ghosts, it was really cool to hear all the crazy stories about hotels that were once insane asylums and crazy stuff like that.  I really enjoyed learning more about our city’s history.  Apparently there are some pretty haunted places in good ol’ San Antone.

laura's birthday laura's birthday2

Our other date was a random night when a friend offered to come over and watch Jedidiah.  She basically forced us to go out and have a date, in a good way.  We drove up the street to the new Wal-Mart and just wandered around aimlessly.  We meandered and goofed off and really had a fun time.  Then we headed over to Old Main Ice House, a new bar down the road from our house.  It’s pretty cool.  One of my old girlfriends works there as a bartender, so it was nice to catch up a bit with her and then hang out and enjoy the nice weather.  We got ourselves a couple of Blue Moons and hit up the food truck and just hung out.  If you haven’t been there yet, it’s definitely worth checking out.  It’s a great atmosphere and they have different food trucks every night!

old mainold main2

April date– Trent and I left the baby with his parents while we attended another friend’s birthday party.  Scarlette used to go to church with us and we’ve stayed in touch over the years.  For her birthday she had a Harry Potter themed party.  Although I wouldn’t consider myself a Harry Potter nerd, I do enjoy a good costume party!  We went as Bellatrix Lestrange (me) and Sirius Black (Trent).  We had a great time celebrating, but as always, we were eager to get back to our bubba!

We also got to go on a family date in April.  April is Fiesta time in San Antonio.  I think this is the only city that gets a day off of school for it.  Anyways the party lasts for a few weeks, but Trent, Jedidiah and I went to Alamo Heights Night with some of his co-workers and friends.  It’s always a lot of fun and it was a beautiful night.  Plus Jedidiah LOVED the fireworks at the end of the night!

alamo heights night

I haven’t hosted a second get-together yet at the house, but we’ll be doing one in the next month or so, so you’ll be able to read about it in the next check-in.

Spiritual:  I am still on track to read through the Bible in a year!  My Bible Study gals and I are doing it together, which gives me more accountability.  Praying… I’m getting better about it but I’d still like to do this more often!  Verses memorized, yep!  Even one extra for February (when I forgot).

In March I memorized Isaiah 53:4-7 in honor of Easter.  This was a prophecy about how Jesus would die for our sins.

“Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted.  But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.  We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.  He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth.”

My make-up verse for February was 2 Chronicles 7:14.  This is my prayer for our nation and for those of us who call ourselves believers.

“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

The passage I memorized for April was one of my favorites: Ephesians 6:10-17.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”

Intellectual:  I have been using my Spanish much more often, reading books to Jedidiah and giving private lessons.  I did reach my “book-a-month” quota; unfortunately I wasn’t able to read much more than that.

three graves full

In March I read a book called “Three Graves Full.”  It was pretty good.  There were a lot of twists and turns and it was very exciting towards the end.  Babylon_Rising

In April I read a book called “Babylon Rising: and the First shall be Last” by Rob Skiba.  I found him on YouTube (he has his own channel) and I’ve really enjoyed listening to him and learning from him.  The book itself is very interesting and is about the end times when Babylon will again be a major player.

Personal:  My goal here was to spend a day doing one thing I love each month.

In March, I’m not sure I did that.  It was a busy month full of fun stuff but I didn’t really finish any projects or anything like that.  In fact, I only wrote two blog posts the entire month!  So I guess I need to make this somewhat of a priority.  I also didn’t finish my birth story photo book yet… that was supposed to be my March project.  Well, maybe it will be my May project instead…

In April I worked on several photo books- all for Mother’s Day.  I made one for my mom, one for my grandma and another for Trent’s mom, all of Jedidiah.  I’d been meaning to do it for a while now, but needed the Mother’s Day deadline to really make the push.


Here’s to staying on track for the next few months!  How are you doing on your new year’s resolutions?

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