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Christmas Newsletter 2014

Christmas silly

Wow, I can’t believe another year has already come and gone. 2014 was full of many changes, adventures, and challenges, yet within them all, blessings.
We are now in our second year at QISS and we are adjusting much better to life in China. After a visit home this summer, we returned to a new position for Trent, a new apartment, and a new scooter. Trent has made the move from 1st grade to Pre-k and that gives us the opportunity to co-teach during parts of the day and work in much closer proximity. It has really been a lot of fun and both us and the kids are certainly enjoying the dynamic. Our new apartment is closer to the beach, to our school, our Fellowship and to most of our friends. It also has an incredible view- overlooking the Shiloaren golf course and the ocean (we can’t get that in San Antonio). Along with this upgrade, we made a purchase that has made our lives in China exponentially easier… a “Chespa” (a Chinese Vespa). “Black Beauty” as we have dubbed her, gets us around Qingdao far easier than a taxi and has really allowed us to explore and enjoy this beautiful city we live in.

kinder pre-k

scooter and beach


This past year has been “packed” (get it?) with travel adventures, beginning late last December and into early January with a visit to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. We rode, bathed, and fed elephants, took pictures up-close and personal with tigers. We zip-lined through the jungles of northern Laos and visited the ancient ruins of Siem Reap. Over Chinese New Year (late January), we went to Hong Kong, spending some (serious) big-kid time at Disneyland. I don’t care what people say- you’re never too old for Disney! We also ventured to Macau for a day trip and enjoyed seeing the pandas there. In China, we have made our way to the bustling city of Shanghai, the gorgeous gardens of Suzhou, the terra-cotta army at Xi’an and the countryside special needs orphanage at Da Dian. One of our big events this year was going to Tianjin to run the Great Wall Half Marathon- 13.1 grueling miles up and down the Great Wall of China. We spent most of the early spring preparing for it and then were blessed with a clear, pollution free day to run! We enjoyed running along the ancient backdrop of China’s past, surrounded by beautiful mountains. The locals- old and young alike- cheered us on as we ran. It was a truly memorable experience.




5-17-14 Trent's Great Wall Half pics 068

At QISS, we are busy coaching the varsity girls’ basketball team for our second season. Last February we had our divisional basketball tournament in Guangzhou, China and this year’s competition will be held in Beijing. Trent and I stay very busy with this and the various other committees and teams we are on at school. We also had the opportunity to participate in the QCCI “Sports Day,” which was basically an Olympic style track event (but on a slightly smaller, Chinese scale). Trent and I both participated in several events and we placed first and second in most of them. Among some of the team events were the “caterpillar” race and the “tank,” both very unconventional events but hilarious to participate in. Overall, our team placed 2nd out of ten teams, better than our school has ever done!

basketball team



Another part of our Chinese experience that has been very impactful this past year has been our Fellowship. It is our home away from home and the people there have truly become our family. We have been so blessed to meet and get to know these people as they have been instrumental in our adjustment to living in China. I don’t think we would have made it through the past year had it not been for these believers who continually encourage us, help us and lift us up in prayer. They have taught us what it really looks like to be the body of Christ and they have been a tremendous encouragement to us.

We took a trip home this summer and spent a month going between Minnesota and Texas. It was greatly refreshing for us to see our families and reconnect with loved ones. We got to visit our friends at church, meet new babies, hold our kitties, and see how much our nephew has changed and grown.

family time



traci and baby

On our way back to China, we stopped in Seoul, South Korea for a few days. We enjoyed the food there and the sights around the city. Another “peak” moment was climbing Bukhansan Mountain, the tallest in Seoul, at 2,744 ft. high.


Trent and I will be traveling more in the months to come, culminating in one final destination: home. We will be back in the U.S. this summer and although we are looking forward to coming home, it will be much harder than we thought to leave. This place and these people have really become very dear to us but we will treasure the memories we have made here forever.

Through this year we have seen God’s provision in ways we have never before experienced, we have felt his hand upholding us through our struggles and have been filled with the joy of his Spirit. We hope that your year has been wonderful and would love to hear from you! We wish you joy, excitement and blessings in the year to come. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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LOL (Lots of love),
Trent and Angie Logsdon

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