Sister, Sister!

05 Aug

I love being pregnant! (That might sound crazy to some, but I think it is awesome.) But what makes it even better is that I get the chance to be pregnant with two of my closest friends and sisters. That’s right, you heard me! Both sides of the family (the Logsdons and the Settles) are going to get grandbabies!

I found out that Trent’s sister Katey was pregnant shortly after we found out that we were pregnant. She is only 2 weeks behind me gestationally, so it’s been fun to walk through this journey together. It was crazy to compare our pregnancies and the treatment we were getting since by week 10 she already knew that she would be having a girl and she’d already seen her on the ultrasound. In contrast, for us, even though we’d already had two ultrasounds, we hadn’t been permitted to watch either one. It was week 15 when we first got to see our baby on the sonogram (as it was being done) and week 18 before we learned that our little baby is a boy. Now that we’re back in Texas, we’ve been able to do lots more together. We looked at some birthing centers together, since we both want to go that route instead of a hospital birth. We’re going to try to start walking together regularly too, to get us some “sista” time and some consistent exercise.

Katey and I

Right after mother’s day, we found out that MY sister, Christie, is also pregnant! (She found out ON mother’s day, but it was already a day later in China) I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut about it and not post any pictures until she shared her own special news, but now that it’s out there, I want to say it too- I’m so excited!!! It was really fun to be together in Minnesota, and even though she was just barely starting to show, we were able to get some sister bump pictures in! We won’t know what her little bundle of joy will be for a few more weeks yet. Super exciting though!

Christie and I

Christie and I at Grandma;s

Uncle Derek

Uncle Derek

Due dates:
Angie- November 19
Katey- December 4
Christie- January 16

So within a few months of each other, we will have three new babies in our families. 

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  1. Grammy Oats

    August 6, 2015 at 1:45 am

    I love it. Grammy of 2, not twins!


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