Satria coffee and tea plantation: Bali, Indonesia

20 May

This rainy, cloudy morning I am sitting on my sofa in my pajamas, without makeup (don’t judge me), drinking Mangosteen tea.  This delicious warm beverage immediately brought back memories from our visit to Bali, Indonesia, just a little over a year ago.

I don’t think I’ve blogged much about our trip to Indonesia yet, with the exception of writing about our sunrise climb up volcanic Mount Batur.  Anyways, on a day trip we took, we visited a coffee and tea plantation that grew all of their own organic produce to make tea and coffee.

I had not been feeling very well all morning, which was especially uncomfortable in the car and in the Bali heat, but this stop was a nice break for me.  Tucked back in Taman Village sat Satria tea and coffee plantation.


We walked through their entirely organic gardens and admired all the beautiful flowers and fruit trees.  Our guide pointed out many different kinds of plants that they use: vanilla, cocoa, coffee beans, coconut, mangosteen, rosella, papaya, starfruit, banana, lemongrass, ginseng, etc.

In addition to all of these plants, there were also many pretty and colorful flowers.

We walked up to this little terrace overlooking acres of forest and plants that were a part of the plantation.  We sat down and a woman brought us a platter full of different teas and flavors of coffee in these cute little glass cups.

serving us coffee

view from the terrace

The lovely view from the terrace


Sitting in the shaded, covered area, sipping these different teas and coffees was really refreshing.  We really enjoyed the different flavors that we tasted.  From top to bottom, left to right, we tasted: ginseng coffee, coconut coffee, moccacino, vanilla coffee; hot cocoa, saffron tea, mangosteen tea, and regular Bali coffee; lemongrass tea, rice tea, ginger tea, and rosella tea. Our favorites were the Ginseng coffee, the lemongrass tea rosella tea and the Mangosteen tea.


Most of the fruits or flavors above were familiar to us (although our guide Wayan did have to show us a lot of the plants), but Mangosteen and Rosella were new.  I looked up each of them and you can see them here.


This is what Mangosteen looks like.


The Rosella plant (above) and what the fruit actually looks like

After we had finished sampling the coffees and teas above, we ordered some Luwak coffee, but I’ll write more about that in a second post.  Before we left, we had the opportunity to go by their store.  We liked some of the teas and coffees so much that we bought some to bring back to China with us.  One of the teas we bought was in this cute little container, which we kept as a souvenir and is now sitting on my bathroom shelf below a picture that we also purchased in Bali.

Bali container

Anyways, this was one of our favorite stops on our day trip!  We recommend visiting this plantation if you’re ever in Bali!

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