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“Bumpdate:” week 38

Wow, I can’t believe how fast the time is going! We just finished our 38th week of pregnancy! This week Jedidiah was the size (length) of a leek. He is over 19 and a half inches long and weighs close to 7 pounds!





I can’t believe I totally forgot to include this in the last post, but we went to our checkup with our midwife, Amber, last week and she said that baby boy is “locked and loaded.” He is engaged head down in my pelvis, he’s sitting at a -1 position (0 is active labor), I’m about 50-60% effaced, and about 1 cm. dilated. This was big news that should have been included in last week’s “bumpdate.”

Now that that’s out of the way, I will jump to this week’s happenings. 🙂

Sunday I ran into an old friend at church who I haven’t seen for years. It was nice to briefly catch up before heading out. I’ve known Rick and his brothers since I first moved here it seems (so like 5ish years).


Monday I babysat for my friend Sandy’s son Cyler before heading to church for an important meeting. Our church is moving, well, at least they are beginning the process of moving. So we are in a time of transition where we are being challenged to “bold faith living and sacrificial giving.” We are watching and waiting on God for his guidance for our part in Revolution Church’s future.

Tuesday morning, I went to zumba at DeVoir Fitness, as usual. But after class, they threw me a lovely baby shower. It was such a blessing and I definitely felt the love!






Thursday night, as soon as Trent got out of school, we headed to Georgetown, just north of Austin, for a night of mystery and intrigue. Our good friends from China, Heather and Zach, were hosting another murder mystery party (You can read about their first murder mystery party in my blog: A Halloween Harry Potter Murder Mystery). This one was “vampire” themed. I’ll write another blog about it with more specifics later, but we had such a great time! I’ve said this before, but she throws the BEST parties!!! Even though we ended up driving about 3 hours, it was totally worth it!



Friday evening was spent with a couple we met at our birthing class that live pretty close-by in New Braunfels. They had us over for a delicious dinner of tortilla soup and then we played a game called Rummikub, which we’d never played before, but that we quite enjoyed. The first time we played, neither Trent or I even got to lay anything down. So we considered that first round a wash and just jumped right into the second round. The second time was a success! It didn’t hurt that we shared brownies (fresh out of the oven) and ice cream while we played. 🙂 It was a very enjoyable evening.




Saturday, amidst the monsoon that was taking place in San Antonio from the hurricane, I had another baby shower. Unfortunately the weather was a MAJOR deterrent. It ended up just being three of us, so we didn’t do any games or anything, we just ended up hanging out with some pretty elaborate and awesome Star Wars decorations. The ladies did such a nice job of planning everything, it was such a shame that no one else could make it. 😦 Look at how cute the invite was and all the decor! Traci even had her kids dressed up in Star Wars outfits (R2D2, Chewbacca, and the cutest little Darth Vader).

These two ladies are awesome!  Love you Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Lippincott!

These two ladies are awesome! Love you Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Lippincott!








We finished off the week by Skyping with my parents, and we got the added bonus of chatting with my youngest sister, Jackie, and her boyfriend Billy, who we rarely get to see. Yay!

Symptoms this week: Baby boy is really sitting on my sciatic nerve, so when I sit down wrong, it gets pinched and sends shooting pains through my right leg and up my back… that’s fun… Jedi’s still moving a lot- I can feel his little hands moving way down low in my pelvic area. That is definitely a strange, and pretty uncomfortable feeling. It kind of feels like I’m being groped from the inside! His legs and feet are running out of room so I feel a lot of shifting around way up at the top of my uterus and I finally understand what people mean when they say that there is a foot under their rib cage… definitely not the most comfortable thing. I’ve also been finding that I need to eat smaller meals more frequently. There just doesn’t seem to be so much room in my stomach anymore. I’ve been starting to use Evening Primrose oil, per my midwife’s suggestion, to finish “softening” things up down there so that labor will *hopefully* be easier.

week 38

Bring on week 39!

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