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Our final “Bumpdate”

This post is definitely a bit late… 6 and half weeks post-partum, but I wanted to make sure I wrote about my final week of pregnancy so that I would have it to look back on later.  So here it is…

Week 41 (or 39 as we would find out later):

This final week of my pregnancy was rather uneventful.  I moseyed around the house, cleaning and “nesting,” mostly just trying to pass the time.

Our cat had another trip to the vet, requiring yet another surgery that we weren’t quite prepared for financially.  His other ear puffed up really big and swollen.  We knew from the vet that that is how his other ear ended up being “cauliflowered” (when the ear gets all hard and folds over on itself).  This happened while we were away in China so we couldn’t do anything about it.  Anyways, we didn’t want the same thing to happen to his “good” ear, so we brought him into the vet.  Turns out he had another super bad ear infection and so they needed to put a tube in his ear.  He had to stay overnight for surgery and we picked him up the next morning.  I’m sure I looked ridiculous all big and preggo carrying a big ol’ cat carrier.  But he’s doing much better now.  We just had to bring him back in 3 weeks to get the tube out and then another week later to get his stitches out.

Friday afternoon I went over to my friend Laura’s house to see her little baby Rowan.  We took a photo only a few months earlier when the two of us were preggo together.  Anyways, I thought it might help to induce labor being around a newborn.  I was lucky enough to be able to hold him for a while while I stayed and chatted with Laura and Nathan.


Laura and I while we were both still preggo.

I left their house and ran a quick errand at HEB before heading home.  I checked our mailbox on the way (just down the block from our house) and as I got back into my car… it died.  There was NOTHING.  Thankfully, I was close enough to my house to walk my pregnant self and my small bag of groceries home.  I called Trent to let him know and for the second time that week, I was lamenting a major unforseen financial obligation.  Blast!

Saturday came and we spent our morning driving around in our “good” car trying to find a body shop that was open.  We did some reconnaissance but decided to hold off until Monday since the towing would be cheaper.  In the afternoon, we passed the time relaxing and watching college football.  Around 2, my girlfriend Heather called.  We chatted for a while before I started feeling something strange… come to find out, my water broke!  I told her I’d have to call her back later.  At this point we knew our baby boy would be coming within the next 24 hours!

Over the next few hours, we took care of last minute details, Trent painted my toenails and we took our final bump pictures- officially 39 weeks 3 days!  These would be the last pictures we’d have with Jedidiah still inside of me!

week 41

*This seems like a good place to give a shout out to our neighbor who came over the night after we got home from the birthing center.  He knocked on our door and asked what was up with our car (he must have seen us trying to jump it or just asked since it was parked outside of his duplex, which was abnormal).  He offered to take a look at it for us, so we gladly obliged and handed over the keys.  He came back about an hour later, having fixed it and parked it back in it’s regular spot.  We thanked him profusely and then praised God for this little miracle.  We sure didn’t have the money to fork over to pay for towing and a fix, so his help came at a time where it blessed us very much.  I love it when God works like that!  He does provide!*


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