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Newborn Photo Shoot

Lucky for me, some of my best friends are photographers!

About a week after Jedidiah was born, we headed over to my friend Traci’s house to do a newborn photo shoot.  She’s got a huge house and lucky for her, she has a photo studio upstairs.  We had brought a few changes of clothes and were hoping for the best!

Jedidiah wasn’t quite as cooperative as we might have hoped.  He was WIDE awake, and even after nursing him, he wouldn’t go to sleep!  This made it a little bit tricky to get the typical “cute” newborn shots.  When they’re this little, their faces do all sorts of weird little things, so sleeping is preferred.  It’s also much easier to pose them once they’re asleep.  Anyways, little man did not want to sleep, so for the first part of the session, we did our best to work with what he was giving us.

We started him out in this cute little outift with a vest and tie… but, he ended up peeing through it.


So we changed him and let him be naked for a while for the next few photos.  However, he peed again… all over everything.  So then we kept him naked BUT with a diaper on.  Then we did another wardrobe change (thankfully we brought a few outifts!).  We also took some family shots- I absolutely love these ones.

Here is Traci ( working her magic.

Below are some of my favorite photos that she took (it was hard to choose, I love them all)!



Thanks Traci!  I love these photos!!!

I’d love to know, which ones do you like best?


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Tiny fingers, tiny toes…

Babies are the best.  They smell so good… and their skin is so soft… and they’re so warm and cuddly!  I wanted to document my little man’s littlest features in his first few weeks of life.  So here we go… tiny fingers, tiny toes…

We’ll start with his tiny little hands and fingers.  I love this picture of him holding on to Trent’s finger.


Little toes… and little feet!  I can’t get over how cute his feet are (and how big)!


His belly, before his umbilical cord stump fell out.  You can see his little belly button after it fell out in the picture (above) with his legs and little feet.  He’s got the cutest little tummy!

His sweet little body.


Lastly, his face.  I love all his little features.  I can’t get over how precious this little guy is!


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