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A Father’s Day gift

daddy's day

What an exciting day to celebrate my husband being a FATHER!  Since this was his first Father’s day as an actual father, we decided to make him something special.  Some of the ladies in the mommy group that I’m a part of got together one afternoon to do footprint art.  Now, I had already tried to do something like this for Valentine’s Day for Trent and I found that it was nearly impossible to do with only one person!  I must have tried 20 different footprints and I barely had any usable ones.

Anyways, this time it was much easier with someone to help guide the foot and press it down evenly.  My friend Vanessa had already scoured Pinterest for ideas and she came fully prepared with appropriate suggestions for Ashley and I.  Of course, she went with a Star Wars theme for us (and our little Jedi), for Ashley she found some sports themed ones, and for her husband, Jared, she did little rocket ships.  Thank God for Pinterest, I don’t know what people did before that!

Vanessa already had little canvases for us to use and all the paints and markers set out.

Anyways, we spent the afternoon chatting and exploring our artistic sides while we worked on our Father’s day gifts.  Although there were lots of cute Star Wars characters we could have used, we decided to go with Yoda, so that we could use the tagline, “Yoda best dad ever!” (Cheesy, but true!)  We sure hope daddy likes his!


We got his foot in the appropriate paints (brown on the toes and most of his foot and green on the heel) and actually got a good print!  Then, once it dried, I just had to add the ears, some detail on the face and robe and, of course, a light saber.  I won’t brag about my skills by any means, but I am happy with how the final project turned out!

yoda best

I helped Jedidiah write his name and added the wording and the date and voila!  Here it is!  For an awesome daddy and Star Wars buff, Yoda hit the spot!

Here is one of my girlfriend’s finished projects.  I didn’t ever get a photo of the other one.  But Vanessa’s turned out super cute!


We’re so glad we got to celebrate daddy!  Happy 1st Father’s Day!

*A word of advice- if you’re going to do footprint art, get washable paint.  That way if the footprint is a total flop, you’ll be able to just simply wipe it off the canvas and start again.  We had to do that once or twice!  Happy crafting to you!*


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