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The Jedidiah-ries (diaries)- Month 5

Height:  I totally forgot to measure him this month… and by now, my measurements will be completely inaccurate!  Oops!

Weight: 16.7 pounds

General Observations:  This kid is already so much fun!  He loves to smile and giggle. He’s super tactile right now- he wants to touch EVERYTHING (but not yet put everything in his mouth, which is good).  He loves feeling different textures, and particularly loves feeling things in nature (and the cat’s tail- hehe).  You can tell that he is processing these different textures.


Here he’s checking out a flower.

He also has really good hand-eye coordination and his control is pretty good.  He grips toys and holds on to them fairly well and can even keep them in his grasp when he’s shaking them.

toy control

He is babbling more and seeming to make more actual syllabic sounds rather than just noises.  I speak to him in Spanish and I’ve noticed this month that he really stares and concentrates when he hears someone else speaking it.  This is also the first month that I’ve noticed any color other than blue in his eyes.  He has some small brown specks in there but blue is still the overwhelming color.  They’re really pretty.


He is sitting up by himself this month and even starting to get into crawling position.  He doesn’t quite have it down yet, but he can get his little legs under him and sometimes get up on his arms.

Now that he’s sitting up pretty well, we’ve sat him in his high chair to play a little bit.  It gives me one more option of a place I can set him down for a minute without having to worry.  I put him in his crib a few times too, but he loves to be upright. At the beginning of the month, he wasn’t quite sturdy enough to leave that way, so I could put him in his high chair and he could sit up with a little support.

high chair

Health:  Jedidiah has still been very healthy but we had about a week’s worth of a runny nose.  It was terrible.  He wasn’t running a fever or anything, but he HATES having the suction thingie in his nose and he doesn’t like the saline spray either.  We later realized that this runny nose was simply a symptom of teething so it really wasn’t anything to worry about.  Speaking of teething, we had a REALLY rough few days where he was just super fussy.  I could (and still can) see where a bottom tooth is pressing its way to the surface, but we’re still waiting on it to finally poke through.  As soon as he started getting fussy, I ordered an Amber Teething Necklace on Amazon.  I have friends who swear by these things!  The one I ordered was about 20 bucks and is made of Baltic Amber.  Supposedly, contact with baby’s skin and body heat release a pain-relieving compound that helps combat teething pain and fussiness.  So far, I can’t complain- he seems to be back to his normal self and his tooth doesn’t seem to be bothering him.  Plus it’s kind of cute!  Anyways, I totally recommend it if anyone has an infant who is or is about to be teething.

amber necklace

Look at how cute the necklace looks! (And Jedidiah, of course!)

Eating:  This month I had a realization.  When he would start to get really fussy (especially when we were out and about), I thought he was hungry.  But then he would fall asleep in the car.  When he woke up, I thought he’d be STARVING, but he wasn’t fussing at all.  So basically I think I’ve been feeding him when what he really needs is a nap.  Although, in my defense, usually when I fed him he would go to sleep, so we were accomplishing the same overall goal, but I just didn’t realize what he really needed.  So… all that taught me that really he can go like 3 1/2-4 hours between feedings in the day, where I thought he could only go 2 1/2-3.  It’s giving me a break in a way, but also not.  When I was nursing him more often, I could get more relaxation time (surf Facebook, check my e-mail, watch a show).  Now that he’s stretching out further, I really have to be on point all day when he’s awake.  So I’m feeling more tired!

He’s still so sweet when he nurses.  He gently plays with my hair or my shirt or my necklace or rubs my skin so sweetly.  I really love this time we have together.


Sleeping: Jedidiah had one 7 hour stretch at night and I thought, “Yes!  This is it!  We’ve finally gotten over the hump.”  But then the teething started…  It was like a cruel joke after he’d been waking up more frequently for feedings again in the night (I think he was going through a growth spurt).  Anyways, we haven’t seen another 7 hour stretch, but the cluster feedings have stopped and he’s back to just a few feedings a night.

We know we need to move him to his crib pretty soon as he’s outgrowing the rocker he’s slept in since he was born.  He is getting too long for it and we’ve had to start strapping him in (which was never an issue before) which sometimes wakes him back up.  He can wiggle and squirm and even though I’m pretty sure he can’t actually roll out of it, he’s sure tried!  I was starting to have nightmares about him ending up upside down in it and rolling out, so I knew we needed to start transitioning him out.  We know it’s only a matter of time before he will be too long for it.


As you can see, he’s trying to flip over in his rocker.

So… in order to transition out, we started sleep training in the crib for naps… oh, boy, what an undertaking!  I decided to start with naps so that we wouldn’t be losing sleep (only sanity) when we were trying to get him used to sleeping there.  So far, it has been exhausting and we only started it at the end of this month, so hopefully it will catch on soon!  I don’t know how much more of the crying I can take! It is agonizing listening to your little one scream in distress.  We go in every 10 minutes or so just to pat him on the back or tuck him back in, but then leave again.  We’re trying to let him know that we’re there but that he’s going to have to learn to sleep in his crib by himself.  So far we’ve been successful a few times!



Diapers:  Man, we’re still pretty lazy.  I use the cloth diapers, but not nearly as much as I thought I would.  I think if we were home more during the days, we would, but we’re just out and about all the time.  He’s up to size 2 in disposable diapers, but it won’t be long before he needs size 3!

Clothes:  This boy is long!  He’s outgrown all of his 3 month sleepers and most of his footed pants.  He’s still in 3-6 month clothes for the most part but most of the 3 month outfits are getting pretty tight on him.


St. Patrick’s Day was spent doing zumba together at De Voir Fitness.  Trent was on Spring break that week so he kept the baby while I worked out and then brought him by afterwards for the festivities.  Everyone loves to see him (since they were all there for my pregnancy).


Trent’s childhood friend, Ross, took us to Six Flags for an afternoon of fun.  We had a good time walking around and watching shows (and eating).  Jedi even rode his first ride… the Carousel.  He seemed to enjoy watching all the lights and movement.

six flags

We celebrated two family birthdays this month.  Nana’s birthday was a little surprise party at my sister and brother-in-law’s house (a few weeks late, due to sickness).  Then a few weeks later, we celebrated our nephew’s birthday.  It’s always a pleasure to get the family together, especially the babies!

We went to the Windcrest Carnival with daddy one Saturday.  Jedidiah and I hung out while Trent worked a booth.  Jedidiah got lots of attention (those sunglasses!) and seemed to enjoy himself.


Likes:  He still loves books and reading with mommy and daddy.  He even “helps” us hold the book and turn the pages.


His favorite place in our whole house is my bathroom.  He loves to play  in my basket- he likes to feel the brushes and he LOVES taking out (and putting back in) this random fake flower that somehow ended up in there.  He will sit and play with it forever!  He takes it out and puts it back in…. takes it back out and puts it back in.  And when he’s fussy and nothing else will console him, sitting in front of the mirror playing in this basket is our saving grace.  Who would have thought…

He still loves to be outside.  We take him on walks nearly every day and daddy especially lets him bring home grass, sticks, leaves and branches from bushes, which he shows me proudly and plays with very intently.  He also loves being on our outside swing with mommy or daddy.


Dislikes:  This month Jedidiah began to really hate driving in the dark.  I’m not sure if he gets scared or if he’s just mad that he can’t see anything, but night drives home were VERY painful for the first part of the month.  We decided that this was no way to live, so we ended up buying a car mirror that both lights up and plays music.  The very first night we used it, it was like a miracle!  He fell asleep within minutes of being put in the car.  The second night too.  It worked so well that we went out and bought a second one for my car (even though it wasn’t necessarily in the budget).

He also hates getting out of the bath tub.  He loves playing in the water and gets mad at us when it is time to get out and start getting ready for bed.

Memorable moments and firsts:

spursWe went to our first Spurs game as a family.  It was actually to celebrate our anniversary, but we wanted little man with us (we always want him with us).  It was a great game against the LA Clippers (which we won).  We had a great time.  We’re trying to teach Jedidiah to say “Go, Spurs, Go!” (Train up a child…).

He rolled all the way from one side to the other, and he rolled LEFT!  (Zoolander, anyone?)  He always rolls right, so it was fun to watch him roll all the way to the right and then all the way back over to the left.  This kid…

He started rubbing his eyes when he gets sleepy.

He LOVES to be upside down and it seems to be one good way to elicit giggles (or at the very least, big smiles) from our little man.

He’s got a tooth in the works.  I can see it pressing up against his gums and at the beginning of the month it was causing him a lot of pain.  He was very fussy.  But we ordered an amber teething necklace on Amazon and it has helped a LOT.  I totally recommend it for anyone who has a teething (or almost teething) infant.

Spring in Texas means annual Blue Bonnet pictures!  We are thankful for the random stranger who offered to take some family shots of us (instead of me trying to use the tripod and self-timer).  Bless her for some of these wonderful shots!

blue bonnets

Jedidiah celebrated his first Easter!  We served at church during the Saturday night Easter service and then attended on Easter morning.  We were blessed to have our whole family with us for this special day.


We started taking swimming classes!  We are attending FREE (Yes, FREE) classes at Love to Swim and Tumble.  They offer free classes up to 6 months old, so we are definitely taking advantage of this offer (and we wish we would have known about it sooner).  During his second class he was already kicking and splashing by himself.  He’s a quick learner and it is so fun to watch him enjoying the water so much!


Jedidiah can sit by himself!  WHAT?!?  Slow down, kiddo!  He started tripod sitting about midway through this month and towards the end, he was sitting up by himself for pretty decent stretches of time.  He loves to sit outside and play with the rocks/sand/grass around him.  I am so impressed by this little boy!

tripod sit

His tripod sitting

What about mom?  Mommy had her first long stretch of time without baby for a wedding I went to with one of my best friends.  It was hard being away from my bubba for so long, but daddy and Nana and Popo took good care of him while I was gone.  I was glad to get back to him though!

I’m still going to a mommy group once a week.  It’s a nice outlet and I enjoy the ladies a lot. I go to the Y several times  a week and tutor.  This gets us out of the house a fair amount.  That being said, I love staying at home with Jedidiah, exhausting as it is, and wouldn’t want it any other way!

Daddy time!  Daddy got to take Jedidiah to the library during his spring break for “baby and me” time.  I know he enjoyed being the one to bring him and they got to enjoy some “boy” time.

We’ve been trying to visit daddy for lunch every week to two weeks.  His kids like to interact with Jedidiah and I know that it makes Trent’s day so much better (plus, we love to see him too!).

lunch with daddy

Trent also got a new job that we are very excited about!  He will be working closer to home and he’ll be working with some friends of mine who are very excellent educators.  We are looking forward to this new adventure for next year!

Daddy’s started taking Jedidiah for walks every day when he gets home from work.  This allows me to cook dinner and have a few minutes of silence in my day.  He straps him on and takes him all around the neighborhood.  It’s good time for both of them to spend this daddy/Jedi time together.  🙂

daddy walks

The two of them are so cute together and I love to watch them interact.  Look at the matching ties.  I love these guys of mine so much!

Until next month’s post!

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