On to new(ish) adventures!

23 Nov

Oh, y’all… I type blogs and don’t ever get around to finishing them… and then they sit here until I come in again and realize that I never finished/posted them.  This is one of many that are/were half-written.  Sooooo… as you can see, I penned this MONTHS ago, but here it is!  Our new(ish) adventure!

August is here (Okay, it’s almost December…), and historically, for as long as we’ve known each other, August has also meant the beginning of a new school year.  Trent has taught for 12 years and this will be my tenth year in the teaching world. We’ve taught in all sorts of different settings, forums and countries: public schools, charter schools, International schools, private lessons, private tutoring, home school… and now… no school (at least for Trent). 

***This is no longer 100% true, he teaches Pre-K on Tuesdays for the same homeschool co-op that I do***

Normally at this time of year we’d be setting up our classrooms and having parent meetings, be attending trainings and getting to know our new students.  But this year is different. This August we are beginning a new adventure that has been over a year in the making… Trent is officially into real estate!

real estate

This is an exciting albeit nerve-wracking time in our lives.  Although teaching is a profession which is constantly evolving, it was something familiar to us.  And, quite frankly, we were good at it. Trent has always been good with kids, in fact, that was one of the qualities that drew me to him when we first met.  He is easy-going, fun and goofy, but still genuine, hard-working and serious. His kids loved him, his parents spoke his praises, his admin relied on him… but teaching was taking too much time away from our family.  It was getting too stressful. He was doing multiple peoples’ jobs without getting paid any extra for them. He was working many Saturdays and getting home late in the evenings. There were some nights the kids didn’t see him at all.  We were locked into the school schedule, trying to schedule vacations and other things during school holidays or summer time. And for all the time and effort he put in, he just wasn’t getting paid enough.

You see, when we were both teaching and we didn’t have kids yet, we could pour the necessary time, effort and energy into teaching and still have time for ourselves, both individually and as a couple.  But when we had Jedidiah, things changed. There was a sweet little bubbly blonde-headed boy waiting for daddy to get home from work each day, and there was a frazzled, tired, hot-mess momma who also craved daddy’s time and attention.  I remember saying a long time ago that I could either be a good teacher or a good momma, but not both. And although some people can do it and do it well, I think that one will eventually suffer, and I didn’t think it was fair to the kids I was teaching or my own kids to try to split my time, energy or efforts like that.  So when Jedidiah was born, I left the public/private/charter school system and went into offering private lessons and tutoring and then I got involved in the home school community and began teaching at home school co-ops and out of my home. Now that Levi has joined our family, we are realizing even more so that Trent can’t do both either.  Even though kids instantly love him, and have often told him that they “wish he was their dad,” he’s got two boys at home who also need their daddy. And they have a daddy who desperately wants to spend more time with his family, while also striving to make more than a measly teacher’s salary.

So, for the past year and a half, he has been diligently studying and doing his classes, (even after 60 hour workweeks), taking notes and tests, making flashcards and quizzing himself all so that we can build a life of freedom for ourselves.  A life lived on our own terms, and hopefully financial freedom to go along with that.

Anywhere we’d go, I would drive so that he could study and not miss out on family time.  Every night after the kids were in bed, he would study. Early mornings, down time… any time he could squeeze it in, he did.  He worked so hard and so diligently! And all his hard work paid off!

In late July he passed his Texas realtor’s exam (on the first try) and has now signed with eXp Realty.  

We are excited for a new adventure filled with all sorts of different things- realtor trainings, open houses, mentorship, meetings with potential clients and, of course, buying and selling some houses!!!

***Update!!! Since August we have a house on contract and closing in mid-December and we will be putting another beautiful house on the market soon!***

We are thankful for the teaching journey that brought us together (we met at school), brought us to China (to teach internationally) and has now equipped Trent with the skills needed to be a good realtor.  He’s collaborative, good at communication and negotiating (often in hostile situations), organized and patient. He is genuine, hard-working and kind, he always has a positive attitude and, most of all, he has a heart for people.  He’s easy to talk to, fun to be with and just plain awesome!  You could say he’s one super dude!

If  you are looking to buy or sell, or just want to ask him some questions, please call/text/message Trent (and pass along his info- we LOVE referrals)!  It would be a tremendous help to our family and you will be getting someone who will work extremely hard to get you what you want. Also, follow us on social media- @realtlogsdon or like his Facebook page-

PS.  I’m a little sad that Trent didn’t go with my favorite head shot for his business cards.  HA!  Love this guy!

Here’s to our new adventure… CHEERS!

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