The Jedidiah-ries (Diaries)- 12th month

25 Nov

Weight: 18.7 lbs

Height: 30 inches

General Observations: Jedidiah is now able to get on and off of things, go up and down little steps, climbs, and has figured out how to get up by himself (before if he would fall, he’d crawl to something nearby to pull up on, but now he just gets back up).


This boy is super silly and loves to run towards Trent or I with this goofy, open-mouthed, squinty smile and just plow into our arms.  Then he’ll go to the other parent or circle back and do it again!


Jedidiah also has started putting things in the craziest places.  He put the remote in the freezer, he puts his shoes in the bathtub, he puts toys in the cupboards, he puts his balls in the diaper pail… The funny thing is that he REMEMBERS where he put them, which just baffles me!  There was a day that I couldn’t find ANY of a certain kind of ball (he has four of them) and I looked high and low, and then all of a sudden we were in his room, and he was playing by the diaper pail, which I didn’t particularly want him to do, but then all of a sudden he opened it up and pulled a ball right out!  Crazy kid!

Our son has developed a love for singing and I often hear him “singing” or humming while we’re driving or just when he’s playing by himself.

Jedidiah had gotten very interested in faces last month and now he not only points to eyes, but can also say “eyes” when he’s doing so.  He also is very interested in our teeth and noses (he likes to pick momma’s nose) as well.

We’ve now found that Jedidiah is ticklish!  He is REALLY ticklish under his neck, which makes washing there pretty tricky.  He giggles and tries to squirm away as I suds him up and try to get in that neck crease!

He’s started signing!  He signs “all done,” usually in accordance with saying “all done,” and he will occasionally sign “more” and “milk.”  He’s also started using the “I don’t know” hands.  It’s super cute when he does this!

Health:  We went for our 12 month wellness check-up and the doctor said that he’s looking great!  He’s dropped off quite a bit on the weight curve, but he said that for as active as Jedi is, it’s to be expected and he’d only be concerned if he wasn’t eating well… which isn’t at all the case!

Our little Jedidiah did get his first bloody lips this month… twice he fell and caught his lips with those little teethers.  Poor baby sported his little wounds for a few days and then was back to normal!


Jedidiah now communicates when he wants to eat.  He says “eat” and points either to the high chair or my shirt… depending on what he wants to eat.

eating-handHe has also decided that instead of eating with his very proficient left hand, he’d rather try to eat with his right hand.  He takes the spoon or fork from his left hand and then very carefully hands it to his right hand, but grips it only by the very tip and then tries to scoop or stab whatever he’s eating.  Not only does he have a hard time getting it on his spoon or fork, once it’s on there, he has a hard time (holding it that way) getting it to his mouth!  He is however, starting to be able to stab and scoop a little bit.  It’s not very smooth, but he’s getting the hang of it!

Now when he eats something yummy, he’s started making “nom-nom” sounds.  It’s really funny to watch him!

He got two more teeth.  I had seen them coming long before they actually broke through and when I found that the one had broken through, I checked for the other one.  I didn’t see it, but it was definitely there!  In fact, one day we were playing on the ground and he was laughing and I saw that tooth, clear as day, in far further than the other one that I KNEW was there!  I don’t know how I missed it, but I did!

When he nurses, he still tends to pinch me, especially in my underarms… in that very sensitive thin skin!  I’ve taken to wearing t-shirts when I’m nursing just to give myself an extra layer of protection!  Another thing he’s started doing, which is pretty awkward, is sticking his hand in my other bra cup and playing with my other boob while he’s eating.  I try to limit his access, especially when his nails are long… that hurts!!!

Sleeping:  He’s gotten so much better about sleeping!!!  Naps are still a battle as far as duration (30 minutes like clockwork), but for the most part, he only cries for 5-10 minutes before putting himself to sleep.  My sister-in-law gave us her old black-out curtains for his room, so I think that may have helped a bit too!

He’s also taken to napping during our afternoon runs.  We go in the afternoon because there’s not enough time for me to digest our breakfast and run before his morning nap, and then the Texas heat is too strong mid-day, so we’ve been waiting until later in the afternoon and he’s been falling asleep in the stroller while I run.


Even still, I don’t think he sleeps enough.  There were several days last week where he woke up from his regular afternoon nap (in his crib, not in the stroller) and then was still SO grumpy!  He wanted to nurse as soon as he woke up and sure enough, 2-3 minutes in, he’d fall right back asleep… for another 30-40 minutes!!!  I KNOW he needs this extra sleep on the regular, but he just can’t seem to put himself back to sleep.  Once he’s awake and stands up, that’s it- there’s no lying back down.  So, we tried adding back in another early evening nap, around 4:30 or 5, because he was starting to show signs of being tired then, and he’d take a third 30 minute nap and then still be tired by bedtime.  I wish I could just get him to go down for longer stretches at a time, but I’ve learned the hard way to be thankful for what I can get!!!

At night he is sleeping well, and has our bedtime routine down!  He helps us put his Bible and prayer book back on the shelf and then points to the diffuser that we always run and says, “light” because it lights up when we turn it on.  After daddy or mommy turns it on, he smiles big and then knows it’s time to go to sleep!

Diapers:  Disposables… still size 3.

Clothes:  He’s very good at “helping” me get him dressed and undressed.  He knows how to get his hands/arms in and out of his clothes and if he’s holding a toy, he understands that he has to pass it from one hand to the other while I put his arms in/take his arms out of his clothing.  He also pulls his shirts over his head.

He’s finally getting too long for his 6-9 month sleepers, but the 12 month ones are HUGE on him!  So I guess he’s in-between sizes for the moment.


We went to Cibolo Fest for a while in the afternoon, just to check it out.  We had a birthday party to attend, so we didn’t have a lot of time to browse.  It was nice though, we knew some of the vendors, so it was fun to catch up with them.  Then we left for the birthday party and ended up coming back later that night.  Jedidiah loved looking at all the lights from the games and the rides.  He was so funny.  There was this one obstacle course house thing that he REALLY wanted to do (but was too little for).  He was looking through the bars at it (because there was a ball pit) and as we were leaving, he pulled us around the stairs, like, “Hey guys, seriously, we can get in RIGHT HERE!”

We went to our buddy Rowan’s birthday party.  He and Jedidiah are almost exactly a month apart.  In fact, I was holding her little nugget only a day or two before I went into labor!  Anyways, the party was fun.  Laura had set up a cute little pumpkin patch photo booth, which had I known, I would have put Jedi in some more appropriate seasonal attire, but alas, daddy still had fun with this one! I left them alone for a few minutes and this is what I came back to!!

One of my girlfriends from college was in San Antonio visiting and we were able to meet up for dinner on the Riverwalk.  This time Jedidiah was old enough to feed the ducks.  He so entertained a few couples that they just kept giving him more and more chips to give to the ducks! It must have made an impact because whenever we’re out walking, there’s one house that has some fake ducks outside their house and he gets VERY excited when we pass them!

We got to hang out with our buddy Declan one night while mommy and daddy enjoyed a night of wine and snacks with his parents and friends.  It was hilarious to watch the boys together.  They were both crazy about eating their “puffs” and at one point, they basically were boxing each other out around the coffee table, protecting their stashes!

We went to our friend Avery’s first birthday party!  She and Jedidiah are only a few weeks apart and we met her momma in our birthing class!  It’s fun that we all still get to hang out with the babies, post-delivery!!!  It seems that every time we try to get the three of them together for a picture, it’s always my son that’s crying… this time was no different, but we did manage to get a few cute shots!

We went to the zoo with our friends Laura and Rowan.  We enjoyed our day there and ran into some other friends Amberly and Kayden!  Jedidiah really likes the zoo right now.  He gets excited about the animals, and this time in particular, he loved waving at the birds!  He also LOVED the petting zoo!

Jedidiah went to vote!  He wasn’t particularly thrilled with the candidates, but he went anyways and waved to all the other people who were voting.  Thanks to him and his sweet nature, I know that there is yet hope for this country!

We went to a benefit dinner for Project 82:3 that sponsors an orphanage in Haiti.  It was a fabulous dinner with a bunch of Haitian foods and it was great to learn about all the good things happening at the orphanage!  If anyone is interested in supporting the orphans there or would like to go to the orphanage on a mission trip, let me know and I’ll hook you up with the right people!  They had a movie going outside in the yard and Jedidiah cozied up with daddy and all the “big kids” to watch for a while.


One Sunday evening, while I was out doing my long run, Trent took Jedidiah out on a walk and ended up at our old church up the street at a little fall carnival they were having.  Jedidiah loved playing with the beanbags (he STILL loves this game) and the balls (of course).

We did a family photo shoot at Cypress Bend Park, of course, Jedidiah was WAY too busy throwing rocks to look at the camera and smile, but it’s a good thing he’s so cute!  We haven’t seen the finished products yet, but we’re looking forward to it!



Throwing rocks into the river after it got too dark to keep taking pictures.


We went to an “Adopt a Soldier benefit” that my good friend Ana was throwing at a bar Trent and I used to frequent.  This was to raise money for Thanksgiving meals for our military brothers and sisters.  We bought two plates.  It was REALLY good food and we were happy to donate to the cause!  I guess we can mark Jedidiah’s first time at a bar off the list!

Likes: Our son got a kiddie basketball hoop as one of his baby shower gifts from my friend Abby and her kids and we finally set it up (in our house).  Jedidiah loves it when we pick him up and let him “shoot” the ball (he’s not quite tall enough to get it up there himself).  Sometimes he takes a bit longer than we’d like, but he has fun with it.  Now when we’re out walking, he shrieks with excitement when he sees other real basketball hoops!


Pumpkins are also something that quite excited our little guy.  When we’d be out walking, he would point out all the pumpkins people had sitting out as decorations!


He still loves balloons, balls, birds, dogs and his kitty cat, being outside and going on walks.



Excitedly pointing at the doggie in his book


Something else he really likes is putting the tops on things.  He used to always want to drink water out of my water bottle when he saw me drinking out of it, but now he just wants to help me put the top back on it!  He also likes to put the top back on the milk carton, plastic water bottles, his food pouches… pretty much anything!

He’s gotten much more interested in animals (more than just dogs and cats). He likes to look at his animal books and particularly likes to watch and listen to me making the animal noises.


As we started to get ready for Jedidiah’s first birthday party, we cleaned out the “man cave” and made it workable again (it had turned into a storage horror for a while).  Now Jedidiah and daddy like to go in there and hang out!


He loves his vacuum!  Nana bought it for him and he absolutely loves it!

He also likes this little game that daddy and I play with him where daddy holds him and dances and mommy dances in front of him.  It’s hard to explain, but he thinks it is SO funny and he smiles and laughs, and it’s all so very sweet!

Dislikes: To say that this kid doesn’t like to have his diaper changed would be the understatement of the century!!!  It’s like he just doesn’t have time for it; he’s got better things to be doing.  The second I lay him down he starts screaming and squirming.  It makes it very challenging for me!

Memorable moments and firsts:  Jedidiah has started laying down on the floor.  He thinks it’s a game.  He lays wherever and then rolls around (I guess we should maybe be more concerned with that).  At home, he does the same on the rug or he REALLY likes to do it laying his head on our bedroom pillows (that are usually on our bedroom floor…).  It’s so cute, he crawls and burrows his little head in the pillows and then waits for us to “attack” and tickle him.


He also likes to put his head upside down almost in a downward dog position.

Jedi started giving hugs about a month ago, but now he’ll pat our backs too, just like we would with an old friend!  Give a hug and a couple of pats on the back!  I love his sweet hugs!!!

Jedidiah pooped in the toilet!  Now before you get too excited, it was only because we were just getting out of the bath tub and I noticed that he was grunting, so we quickly moved him to the toilet and he pooped!  We waved bye-bye to the poopies and flushed them on down!  It may not have been intentional, but we were still excited!!!


Before we left China, our friends from our school all signed (and wrote cute little notes) on a couple of onesies for us.  Granted, at this point, we didn’t even know that we were having a boy yet, but they made us one little long-sleeved onesie that he was finally BIG enough to wear and we finally had COOL enough weather to warrant a long-sleeved shirt!  Putting this on him definitely made me feel nostalgic for the people we left behind!


Jedidiah went on his first bike ride! We’ve been waiting for him to get big enough to be able to ride in the buggy (and to wear the helmet) and he’s pretty much there.  He still tipped a little bit but we went out and he did really well!  Plus, look how cute he looks!!!

We had our first Halloween!  We don’t necessarily celebrate Halloween, but we do dress up (we’ll dress up for any excuse… and family themed costumes are the best).  We went to a costume party at De Voir Fitness, where I used to do Zumba.  It was a lot of fun, and it was great to see Trish!

Jedidiah had a few costumes that we put him in.  We had a hand-me-down Whinnie the Pooh costume and we also had the Yoda costume that we had bought for him.  This Halloween we did go to a church carnival and then to Trent’s parents house afterward.


We also partook in some pumpkin painting at the library and we tried our hand at carving a pumpkin (but he wasn’t very interested in that).


He did however, very much enjoy the pumpkin patch that we went to as a family.  He would continually try to pick up the pumpkins, even though most of them were twice his size!


We were out eating one night at Catalano’s Italian restaurant and it’s right by the train tracks.  Anyways a train came by and as soon as it tooted its horn, Jedidiah shrieked so loudly, as if to say, “GUYS!!!!!  The train is coming!!!”  Laughter erupted throughout the whole restaurant!

He has been going to Bible Study Fellowship for months now, and we had a really hard time at the beginning leaving him in the nursery, but now, not only does he stay in the nursery, but he’s really been enjoying it!  The ladies told me that he’s started singing during their song time and playing on his own (whereas someone used to always have to be with him).

Not only has he been staying in the nursery at BSF, he’s also FINALLY been staying in the nursery at church.  A couple of Sundays, he even stayed for BOTH services!!!  (we usually attend one and then serve one).  We are SO thankful that he’s passed the point of crying the entire time!  This makes for a much more enjoyable time for all of us!

Shopping has also become so much fun.  Anytime we go to Toys’ R’ Us to get birthday gifts for our friends’ parties, Trent takes Jedidiah to the “big” toys… the big cars and things that we can play with, but are NOT taking home with us.  I love watching him though, he’s just too cute in these pictures!!!

He’s got some new words!  He now says “yes,” “eyes,” “nom-nom,” “door,” “hello,” “out,” “down,” “eat,” “I want it,” “I do” and “please.”  This one was particularly funny because I said to him, “say please,” while showing him the sign for it, and instead of signing it, he just flat out, plain as day, said “please.”  Haha, I guess he doesn’t need to sign it if he can say it!

He can climb up the slide at the little coffee shop we go to pretty regularly.  It’s a nice distance away, so we walk there often in the early afternoons before his second nap and I let him run around outside and play to get some energy out.  Not only does he climb up the slide, but he also goes down… face first.  It’s a small slide, so for now, I guess it’s okay.  He thinks it’s pretty funny.

We go to this coffee shop often, and I’ve taken many pictures of Jedidiah there.  Here are a few of my favorites from this month.

Jedidiah has also started putting things away (YAY!!!!!).  It started at Nana’s house, when he started pulling out her Tupperware, and then… all of a sudden, he did an about-face and brought it all back!  It wasn’t returned quite as orderly as it was when it was taken out, but hey, it’s a start!  He’s started putting some things back at home as well!  Yay for cleanliness and order (or at least some semblance of it).

What about mom?  Well, this month mommy got really sick for the first time since he wassick born.  I think I had the flu.  No vomiting or diarrhea, but I had a fever and my body was SUPER achy.  It had me down and out for a few days, but there was one day where I could barely lift my head!!!  It felt like the longest day EVER.  I could not WAIT for Trent to get home to help me with Jedidiah.  That was pretty miserable.  I hope we don’t have to do that again any time soon!  Thankfully Jedidiah was pretty self-sufficient and kept himself entertained for most of the day, so I only had to move minimally.

I am still training for my marathon which is VERY soon!  I’m so thankful that Trent takes Jedidiah during my long runs so that I don’t have to push the jogging stroller (I hate running with the stroller).


I have been spending much of my time preparing for his first birthday party, which is coming up so soon!  I can’t believe that my baby is going to be ONE!!!  Wow, this year has flown by!  We chose a monkey theme for his first birthday party, since we’ve always said he was our little monkey.  This momma made banners, posters, games, decorations… all sorts of stuff!  I can see why people charge for this kind of thing on Etsy and after all the work I put in, I would probably just let someone else do all the work next time!  But it was all a labor of love and I look forward to celebrating soon with his friends and family!


I’ve taken on some additional responsibilities at church.  We serve in a lot of areas, but I am now in charge of our prayer team.  This team has been such a blessing to me and to others, and we are so grateful to get to serve YHWH and our church in this capacity!


I’ve also been helping coordinate Financial Peace University through our church, so Tuesday nights have been dedicated to helping others learn some Godly principles for their money!  This program helped get Trent and I debt free!

This time around, we struggled to get him to take his 12 month pictures… he did NOT want to sit still for even a moment, but thankfully we ended up getting a few cute shots, and here is one I particularly liked of him helping me “review” the photos when we were done.


Daddy time:  Daddy got sick this month too.  He had whatever I had but about a week before I got it.  And then he got it again!  Man, it just makes us that much more grateful for our health on a regular basis!

On the weekends, Trent has been so sweet, taking Jedidiah out for a walk in the morning so that I can get some extra sleep!

Here are a few of my favorite daddy moments from this month.  🙂


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