Looking back- moving to San Antonio

07 Sep

So an old note that I had written 8 years ago popped up on my Facebook’s “Looking Back” app and I clicked on it to give it a read.  I’m so glad that I did!  It reminded me of God’s faithfulness and his attention to every detail of our lives.  I wrote this when I made the HUGE decision to move from Minnesota half-way across the country to Texas, not knowing anyone or what to expect, but stepping out in faith and letting the Lord lead me.  So, without further ado… the note.

The big move…

September 6, 2008

For everyone who is all of a sudden realizing that I have up-and-left Minnesota, this is the (rather lengthy) explanation for the abrupt move. I am sorry that I didn’t tell everyone, but to be honest, it was a decision that was made quickly although it had long-since been in the works. Okay…where do I start…?
Well, the beginning I suppose. So January-April of 2007 I spent in Latin America- mostly in Costa Rica, but also in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Cuba. To say that this time was “life-changing” would be a vast understatement; my eyes were opened to a lot of things I didn’t want to see, my attitudes were changed from those of complacency to those of action, and my faith was challenged on every side (read my note “Life would be so much easier…” to hear more). Anyways, on my plane ride home I sat next to this girl who was a teacher in Houston and when she found out that I spoke spanish she really encouraged me to look into teaching in Texas. That was the first seed.
Meanwhile, I really haven’t felt fulfilled in my waitressing job at TGI Fridays. I have been desperately trying to figure out my place in life, but to no avail. I was feeling restless in my spirit staying in Minnesota and staying in my current job. I knew that if I stayed where I was, that Satan would succeed in holding me down and keep me from reaching my full, God-given potential. He doesn’t want me to step out of the boat. He wants to keep me looking at God (and others) from a distance, and keep me from never really grasping the abundance that God has for me in this life. I am ambitious…I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD, but I know that I have to take baby steps and I know that I have to SEEK OUT opportunities; they won’t always just fall in my lap. SO…I decided, (after many others suggested the same thing) to try and teach in Texas. There is a high need here for bilingual teachers and I LOVE children, so I thought, “okay why not?” So I said to God that I would step out in faith and that I would continue to step out until doors started closing. That was a while ago.
Since then I flew down here, took the teaching exams, passed them, and now…well, now I am stepping out of the boat and trying to walk on water. I was listening to a sermon a couple of weeks ago on this story (Matthew 14:22-33) and I really felt a connection to Peter. Jesus calls to him and he steps out of the boat…and he’s walking on water…and then all of a sudden he loses faith and starts to sink. In many ways I feel like him- I have taken my big step out of the boat, out of my comfort zone, into the unkown and dark waters, but now I am getting uncomfortable and nervous and am losing faith. But I don’t want to sink like Peter; rather, I want to keep my eyes firmly set on the author and perfector of my faith who I know, without a doubt, will work things out in accordance with his perect will (Romans 8:28).
So anyways, there is a job that I have my sights set on (but I am not as experienced as they would like) that has not yet been filled. It is an Elementary bilingual instructional support teacher for Hopkins Elementary School in San Antonio. My prayer is still that I would get this job, but even if I don’t, I’m sure that God has something planned for me here. My prayer now is for faith, endurance, patience, and trust in this time of waiting. The waiting game is so hard and so uncertain, but it has made me surrender control- and now my life is in God’s hands. I pray that God would guide me and direct me to where he wants me to be and that he would be faithful in preparing me for what lies ahead.
That’s what brings me to Texas. 🙂

Amanda: Angie, I am SO excited for you and your recent move! I feel blessed to have read this and it is a reminder that I desperately needed. I love you and miss you! You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you await what comes next! Please let me know if you get a position! 🙂

Heidi: Hey Ang! I am so glad that you are following God’s plan for you and I am sure it will be an amazing adventure for you. I’ll be praying for you! : )


Emily Orth: Hey Angie, I hope that everything works out well for you, you deserve the best, and I will be praying for you!! If you need anything though, don’t hesitate to call, I am always here, and my phone is always on!!! This not was also a reminder to me to take the leap and trust!!! Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated, I love you and miss you so much!!!
Katie: Angie, it is good to hear from you! You will be missed in MN but it sounds like you are in a place where you have been called. They will love you for all you are down there! Keep in touch and remember us when it’s the middle of January! Are you living in San Antonio then? Cool city 🙂 Anyways, God bless you Angie as you take this new journey in life!
Natasha: I am so proud of you for your willingness to do whatever it takes to follow God and be in the center of His will. And I know He’s proud of you! Keep us updated as you find out more about the job opportunity. Don’t forget – God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called! If He wants this job for you, He will make sure you have it! May He bless you in Texas!
Beth: Wow, one day I see you running in b-town while I’m driving home… and the next thing I know, you’ve moved to TX! How exciting for you! You will be in my thoughts and prayers! Love you! 🙂
Dayann: I have so many thoughts and prayers and joys to share, but can’t nail them all down. Know that you are loved and prayed for and that I am laughing in joy with you. So proud… what a beautiful example you are to me. 🙂
Drew: Woah. I will try and remember to pray for you Ang. Keep stepping out. This story really encourages me with where I am at too.
Katie: I love that you have to faith to do this. I have faith in you too and God’s will for your life. I hope you find the path or at least the next step. I love you and hope I hear from you often as you make an impact on this world sweetie! : )
Melody: This note is so encouraging! Many of us are on the teeter totter of indecision. We are rocking between complacency or a simple step of obedience. Thank you for sharing, Angie!
Anyways, it turns out that Hopkins Elementary School wasn’t in the cards for me, but God had a plan.  Instead he brought me to a different school, which ended up being an incredibly hard year for me…BUT it allowed me to meet my husband and some friends that eventually encouraged us to go abroad to teach.  I don’t often wonder “What if?” but as I read this, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness that I ended up there and not anywhere else.  If you would have asked me that year about my decision, I may have had a very different answer.  Our obedience doesn’t always lead to direct happiness, in fact, sometimes it leads to quite the opposite.  Stepping out in radical faith usually leads to many difficulties and attacks from the enemy.  I asked God “WHY?” a lot that first year.  Why did you call me be a teacher?  Why did you have me move to Texas?  Why would you send me some place where I am so very miserable???  WHY GOD???  Following God’s call isn’t always easy.  I remember putting in my resignation half-way through that year and vowing that I would never teach again.  But God had other plans.  He CALLED me to be a teacher.  And one thing I have learned is that he doesn’t call the equipped, he equips those he calls.  I went on to teach again, for many more years.  I was even named “Teacher of the Year” our last year in the States.
Reading this also reminded me very much of our decision to move to China.  This was another time in our life where we felt called to step out in faith to where we felt that God had called us.  This also led to a very difficult first year there and we were met with many challenges.  At times, we questioned if this was really where God wanted us, but we know that indeed it was.  In fact, we were told later that Trent and I were the answer to a year’s worth of prayers by another co-worker that God would send Christians to our school.  He did.  And even when we couldn’t feel his faithfulness, he was there, shaping and molding us, calling us out of our comfort zones and asking us to lean into him just a little bit more.
I hope that this post encourages you to have radical faith, a faith that MOVES you to action.  After the difficulties came the blessings.  There is always a blessing in obedience.  Now I look at my life.  I have a wonderful husband, an adorable son, friends from all over the world and a bigger faith in my God than I ever imagined.  I am indeed blessed!
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