The Jedidiah-ries (Diaries)- month 8

01 Aug

Weight: 16lbs 8 oz. (Down a bit from last month, but he is SO active!!!  He’s burning through those little calories)

Height: 28 inches-ish (trying to measure a squirmy baby is NOT the easiest… or most accurate)

General Observations:


Sitting on his knees


This boy is ALL over the place!!!  He pulls up on nearly everything, even with only one hand (and for some reason, he also thinks it’s a good idea to use his mouth to help him pull up).  He holds on and leans down to pick things up.  He even tries to stand or go between different things by himself.  He hangs from things.  It is crazy!  He has pretty good balance and loves to sit on his knees and bounce up and down.  He has also gotten much better about balancing and tries to stand by himself on occasion.  He also falls better.  Now he knows how to fall right on his bum or drop to his knees so that he doesn’t get hurt.  Jedidiah is just SO BUSY all the time!  He’s loving crawling and has gotten very fast at it.


His hair is getting longer and blonder and his eyes have evolved in color to the point where I’m not even sure exactly what color to call them.  They are a bluish gray on the outside with specks of brown around his iris.  Whatever color they are, they are BEAUTIFUL!  Especially with his long lashes!  I just can’t get enough of this handsome boy!

looking back

Health:  He’s doing great.  That tear duct is still clogged but other than that, he’s happy and healthy!  He’s also SUPER tan!  I’m SO jealous of his coloring- he definitely got his daddy’s skin.  He’s got a farmer’s tan right now, and he’s even got fat roll tan lines in his little creases.  They are so cute!

tan lines

Eating:  Jedidiah loves to try new things!

A list of foods he’s tried so far: Avocados, lime, bell peppers, bananas, mangoes, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes and refried beans… yep, like a true Texan (and he loves them!).

While nursing he still moves all over the place.  Gone are the days where he would just lie still and snuggle with me… now he’s standing up and getting down and moving, moving all around!  He definitely keeps me on my toes!

Sleeping:  Ughh!  Jedidiah’s sleeping was TERRIBLE this month!  I think that it was just because of the teeth, but man, he was waking up SO MUCH during the night.  It was just towards the end of this month that things started to get back to normal.  Thank God!!!


Diapers:  We got busy again this month.  We took a few little trips here and there and so we reverted to the disposable diapers more than the cloth ones.  We moved him up to size 3 but really, they’re still pretty big on him, he could totally still get away with wearing size 2.

Clothes:  Jedidiah can still wear some 6 month clothes but he’s starting to need the 6-9 month sleepers.  He’s just getting too long for the 6 month ones.  But he’s still skinny enough to wear 6 month clothing in most everything else.  I love all his cute clothes and of course his Nana is always buying him adorable new outfits!

The other thing we’re finding right now is that Jedidiah doesn’t so much like to wear shoes, which is such a shame since he has the CUTEST little shoes!  He basically wears each pair once… just long enough for us to get a cute picture of him in them… that’s about all we can hope for right now.


This month was Father’s Day!  We celebrated Trent for the awesome daddy that he is!  Jedi and I made him a little something

(Star Wars themed, of course) and we just spent the day relaxing and enjoying life.

yoda best

Trent and I took Jedidiah to Fischer Park early on and spent an afternoon hanging out at the splash pad.  It was a hot day so the water felt great!  We also visited a second time with our friends the Steele’s and their little guy (who is just a few months older than Jedidiah).


Chief Gramma Wanda came by for an afternoon visit, so Jedidiah got to see one of his great grandma’s.  He was very sweet with her and even crawled right over to her and into her lap!

PicMonkey Collage

We spent a weekend in Houston visiting two sets of close friends.  We drove out on a Sunday afternoon (Which was an awful idea because traffic was TERRIBLE) and drove back Tuesday morning.  We got to see our friends Sheena and Nick (who I went to college with in MN) and also our friends Kelly and Antonio, who we worked with in China (and who recently got married!!!).  It was a great couple of days catching up with good friends and we’re thankful that we got to see them!


Hanging out with Kelly and Antonio


We had a couple of outings with our neighbors down the street.  They’ve got a 3 year old and a 1 year old, so it’s fun to hang out with them and the kiddos!


I was able to have a little play date with two of my old co-workers from years ago, even before I started teaching.  My girl Brilyn was in town with her 2 1/2 month old, so she and my girlfriend Missy came over for an afternoon.  Missy brought her daughter Baylee, who was the flower girl in our wedding.  She’s grown up a lot since then!  She loved carrying around Jedidiah and playing our piano.

We visited some of my old kiddos from a few years ago.  We had visited once when I was pregnant (after coming back from China) and had promised to come back with the baby.  It was later than we had intended, but we really had a great time seeing all these sweet kids and their families.  They were all great with Jedidiah too!  They passed him around like a champion.


We made a short visit to Trent’s Meemaw (Jedididah’s great grandma) to say hello and take a few pictures of them together.  She has dementia so it is hard to stay for a long time because she keeps forgetting who we are and why we’re there, but we wanted Jedidiah to have a chance to see her.


We went to the Witte Museum in San Antonio for their free Tuesdays.  We actually ended up paying half price to get into the Maya exhibit, but it was pretty cool and worth the entry fee.  I had the chance to visit many Mayan ruins when I lived in Mexico, so it brought back a lot of memories for me.  We found that most of the displays were really still too advanced for Jedidiah to enjoy, but he did like playing with some wind chimes and drums and then he LOVED playing with the different rocks inside the gift shop.  We just sat there for nearly 30 minutes and let him play in the different bins of colored rocks.  It was a great day and we totally recommend going!  I only wish we would have had more time to explore and check out the rest of the exhibits.


We drove to Austin for a day to meet up with one of my best friends from high school, Tiffany, who actually lives in Florida but was in Austin visiting.  We were lucky enough to have lunch with her, then headed to the Austin Nature and Science Center where we spent a good amount of the hot afternoon in the shade of the Dinosaur sand pits.  Then we met up with another friend from China for dinner… at a Chinese restaurant.  🙂  We enjoyed our bubble tea and Jedidiah even ate some curry potatoes.  It was a fun day filled with adventures!

San Antonio hosted a thing called SciFest, a mini comic convention, and so we got nerded out as a family and dressed up to go check it out.  We didn’t stay long but we were there long enough to pose with some of the characters and walk around for a while.  It was fun!

We attended a tea-party themed birthday party for our neighbor down the street who was turning one years old!  We got dressed up as a family and had a lovely time hanging out with them.

My good friend Sandy and her son Cyler came by for a visit. Jedidiah is at a fun age where he really enjoys watching and playing with older kids so he and Cyler were really cute together!


We had a chance to hang out with Trent’s sister, her husband and their two kids.  Her youngest daughter is only 2 and a half weeks younger than Jedidiah, so it is really cool to watch the two of them interact with each other.  Now that they’re both crawling, it is fun to watch them chase and follow each other around the house!

We also took a trip down to Corpus Christi to visit a good friend of mine and also to bring Jedidiah to the beach for the first time!  He absolutely LOVED the sand and the ocean.  He wasn’t scared at all and just wanted to get out there!  I love my adventurous spirited boy

Likes: Pulling up on anything and everything, playing in the dirt or the water.  Jedidiah absolutely loves the vacuum!  He watches intently when I am using it and always wants to help me push it around.


He pretty much likes anything that is cylindrical.  He nearly almost always has a pen, a spoon or a straw in his hands.  He crawls and even pulls up with things in both hands and particularly likes small hard-to-get-into spaces.

This little boy LOVES to bang on things!  His favorite being the table, Nanas birdcage and cardboard boxes.  I’ve even thought of calling him BAM-BAM because of how much he loves to hit stuff!  Jedi REALLY likes to eat!  We’ve also found that he really likes animals- watching them and trying to pet them (which basically means he chases them all over the place).

Dislikes: Being in the car for long periods of time.  This month especially, with all the trips all over Texas, he was NOT a fan of being strapped in when all he wants to do is GO, GO, GO!  He’s also been a bit more wary of strangers and new places/situations.  He gets pretty angry when we’re eating and he’s not.  Ha!  He’s so his daddy’s boy!

Memorable moments and firsts:

  • Jedidiah popped his first teeth this month, both in the same week, just days apart!

You can KINDA see those two little teeth on the bottom if you look hard


  • He stood by himself!  He’s been doing so for anywhere from 2-4 seconds at a time.
  • Jedidiah celebrated his first Fourth of July with a parade in the morning, a party in the evening and fireworks that night.  He really liked the fireworks the first time we saw them a few months ago, but this time he only watched for a short while before falling asleep on momma’s shoulder.  It was a fun day together as a family!
  • He took his first trips to Houston, Austin and Corpus Christi.
  • Jedidiah had his first beach experience!

What about mom?  Well, Jedidiah’s always been active, but now that he’s into everything and pulling up on everything, I really have to be super vigilant.  With no crib naps (only naps on momma), I really lack time to myself.  I constantly feel behind on the housework and rarely have a spare moment to get things done that I want to do (this blog for instance).  It’s been tougher for me for sure, but it’s also been such a blessing.  I’ve really enjoyed every stage so far, but this one that he’s in is just so fun and exciting!  I always feel like he’s doing something new and he is so smiley!  He’s such a happy boy and that makes me happy too!  He likes to watch me when I work out, and often he tries to climb on me while I’m trying to get it done.  This is one of my favorite photos from the month.  He just wanted mommy to hold him.  🙂


Daddy time:  I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that we are SO happy to have daddy home for the summer!  This little boy LOVES his daddy!  They play all sorts of little games together.  Lately Jedidiah has really liked making a game out of taking off daddy’s hat or glasses.  It’s super cute to watch the two of them together.  I absolutely love it!



And I leave you with this cuteness… just because I can’t resist!  Until next month (which, since I’m so late on this post could be in a week or two)!

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