A New Direction

04 Jun

well doneLately God has been reminding me of the parable of the talents in Matthew 25.  In this story, the owner of a vineyard is going away for a while.  While he will be gone, he gives three different servants a different number of coins (talents) and then, upon his return, asks what they’ve done with them.  The first servant was given 5 talents and invested them and gained 5 more.  The second had 2 talents and also invested them and made 2 more.  The third, however, was given 1 talent, and instead of investing it, he decided to bury it in the ground until the owner returned.  This servant was chastised as being wicked and lazy for not using what he had.  I don’t want to be that servant.  God has given me many passions and talents that he wants me to use for his glory; one of those is for health and fitness.  I don’t want to be like that foolish servant, burying it in the ground or hoarding it only for myself.  Instead, I want to invest in people, invest in their health, invest in their journeys and hopefully multiply my impact.  This new journey is about relationships, it’s about meeting goals and it’s about making simple lifestyle changes that will lead to lasting results.  I want to be the first servant to whom the master replies, “Well done, good and faithful servant!  You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.  Come and share in your master’s happiness.” 

what you do with it

God has given me a passion for people and for health.  I have always led a pretty active lifestyle, hitting different peaks and valleys along the way.  But I’ve always felt the best when I’ve been eating good foods and exercising.  Now that I’m a new mom, it isn’t always easy to keep up!  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll already know that I was active throughout my pregnancy, doing Zumba and walking regularly.  After I had Jedidiah, I went back to Zumba and jogging a bit.  Then we joined the YMCA.  I enjoy the different classes that they offer and it’s nice to have someplace to drop the baby off so that I can get a workout in.  However, lately I haven’t been able to go very much.  Many of the classes I want to attend are at times that just don’t work for us anymore (because of nap time).  The other issue is that Jedidiah has been having bouts of stranger anxiety lately and he won’t stay in the nursery for more than 20-30 minutes before they have to come get me.  I also like to jog, but the weather here has been rainy and yucky for several weeks now.  Can I let these things dictate my health journey?  I could, but I’m choosing not to.  Instead, I’ll be working out at home for 21 days, starting June 13th, doing what is called The 21 Day Fix.  No excuses!  I’m excited about this program and this change.  Not only will I not have to leave the comfort of my own home, but also I can work out and let my son watch and learn healthy habits from this young age!  I want him to see me exercising regularly and for it to be normal for him.  I want him to be exposed to lots of healthy foods and want to eat what “mommy” and “daddy” are eating!  And while I’m still breastfeeding, I want to make sure that he’s getting the nutrients he needs to help him build immunity and for his body to be strong.  So to make sure that I’m getting the nutrients that I need, I will be drinking Shakeology every day.  I also want to encourage others, which is why I’m not only doing the 21 Day Fix, but also jumping on board to be a health and fitness coach with Beach Body.  This way I can help equip others to be healthy and fit!  Accountability is KEY when trying to get results!

So what are my goals?  My own personal goals for these 21 days starting on June 13th are:

  1. Get stronger.
  2. Work on muscle tone.
  3. Eat healthy and cook according to the meal plan.
  4. Set a good example of healthy living for my husband and son and for my friends and family.
  5. Motivate and encourage others on their own health journeys.

which of your gifts

Everyone’s story is different.  Everyone’s journey is different.  We all have goals and desires unique to our own situations.  But I hope that you’ll let me be a part of your journey!  If you want to join with me in this first inaugural challenge, please let me know (even if you might just be a little interested).  I’d love to partner with you and see how we can get you to be the best you you can be!



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