I’m back!

17 Mar

Many of you may not have missed me, but I took a month off from blogging.  You might be wondering, why the hiatus?  Well, it turns out I had run out of space to upload photos on my free blog and it was time for an upgrade (because who wants to write posts about life, travel, and babies without using pictures?!?).  However, my husband and I are still on a very tight budget recovering from some financial blows this summer in addition to having a baby and now being reliant on only one income.  So, in all honesty, we had to make room for it in the budget.  So now I’m back and I’ll probably be coming at you full-speed, making up for lost time!  You’ll also notice that the web address has changed.  Now I am at instead of  Remember that when you come looking for me!  Thanks for following our adventures!

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