Presenting… Jedidiah!

24 Jan

So, if you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll know that Trent and I traveled to Minnesota over the Christmas holiday.  Minnesota is where I am from and where all of my family still lives (minus a few defectors).  None of my immediate family had met Jedidiah yet.  This would be a special trip indeed!

We arrived in the afternoon and after a nice lunch with my old co-workers in the MSP airport, we headed “home.”  All of my family was waiting for us at my parents’ house, excited to see us (Yeah, right!  They just wanted to meet the baby!).

And here you have it… presenting Jedidiah!

If you already read my post Bubba’s first plane ride, then you’ve already seen these photos of my parents seeing him for the first time, but I’m sharing them again because I love them so much!  They got to meet him in the airport before everyone else did.


Lots of smiles for grammy and grandpa!

Then he met his uncle Derek.  #sessibonation.  Uncle D couldn’t stay long because he had an important dinner to attend in honor of his best friend’s mother who passed away a year ago.  So he got to meet his little nephew and then bounced.

Next was my youngest sister Jackie.  Jedi loved watching her make silly faces at him.


I love this one!  So sweet.

And then of course, Auntie Jackie showed him off to Uncle Billy!

Then my grandma and grandpa got a turn, since they couldn’t stay long.  These are Jedidiah’s GREAT-grandparents!  I’m so thankful that they have been blessed with health and long-life and that they could meet their great grandson, whose middle name, James, is after my grandpa.


Look at how adoringly they look at him.  Ah… be still, my heart!

Before they left, we got the Settle men and the Logsdon men together for a generational shot.  I absolutely love and treasure these.  (I don’t know why we didn’t think to do a women’s one, with my grandma, mom, me and him… maybe next time we’re up there, we can do one.)



After my grandparents left, my sister Christie got a turn.  She is also expecting a baby girl mid-January.  She more graciously shared little Jedi, since we would be staying at her house over the course of our trip.  She knew she’d have many other chances to hold and love on our little Jedidiah.


I also decided to take some impromptu belly shots for her, since the Christmas tree was so pretty and I absolutely LOVE her bump (and of course, my little niece inside).

My little sister’s boyfriend, Billy, was next.  He had never held a baby before and was quite nervous.  It was actually pretty hilarious to watch him.  He robotically held little Jedidiah for about… 30 seconds, and then said, “Okay, somebody take him!”


But Trent wasn’t going to let him get out of it so easily, he took him and with a little Jedidiah booty shaking, re-positioned him so that both he and Billy would be more comfortable.

We tried one more position and this one looked good on him.

Aww, they’re going to be great parents someday.

When Billy finally gave him up, he made us all laugh so hard.  Look at his, “Wow, thank God I didn’t break him” face.


My little sister’s best friend, Kat, stopped by (she’s basically another sister of mine) and also, for the first time EVER, held a baby.  I’m honored that it was my baby she got to hold.  🙂

Last, but certainly not least, Jedidiah’s uncle Ryan got to hold him.  It was good for him to get some practice in before his little girl arrived.

They’re going to be great parents!

christie and ryan

This was a trip unlike any other one we’ve ever taken to Minnesota and it took on a whole different meaning.  It was truly amazing watching all these people that we love so much hold, adore and love on this other little person we love so much.  It gave us such a sense of pride to sit back and observe as our little miracle was passed around and loved so well by so many people.  I’m not going to lie, we may have even been overwhelmed to tears at some moments, and they are moments that we will treasure for years to come.

Leaving was harder than it’s ever been this time around, too.  It is hard living so far away from family and it hurts to know that the next time they see Jedidiah and get to hold him will be at a very different stage in his life.  Until then, I’m so thankful for technology and Skype will have to suffice.  I’m thankful that we had the opportunity to present our little Jedidiah.  It was an awesome and memorable trip!

Here are some other memorable shots that I love from the night.

Thanks for reading!  XOXO

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