The Jedidiah-ries (diaries)- month 2

18 Jan


Well, I can hardly believe that my baby boy is already 2 months old! He’s changed so much already since he was born and he amazes me and delights me every day with the new things he’s learning and doing! Here’s how he’s doing.

Weight: 12 lbs. 3 oz. (50th percentile)
Height: 24 inches (85th percentile)
Head circumference: 39 cm. (50th percentile)

General observations: This month Jedi has been smiling so much more!  My heart skips a beat and my world stops every time he flashes his little toothless grin at his momma (or daddy).  Jedidiah started making lots more sounds! He is trying to communicate with us and I love hearing all his different coos- he has become much more vocal. In addition to being more vocal, he has learned the art of bubble making… and drooling. He is our little bubble man and drool monkey! We’re going to have to start putting bibs on him just to save his cute little outfits! He has developed a fascination with lights and fans, he loves to look at them.  🙂  Jedi’s eyes seem to be lightening up a little more, but I still can’t quite tell what color they will be.  For now, they look like they mjght be light like daddy’s!  Jedidiah loves to move, which makes it a bit difficult to get good photos of him.  He is constantly flailing his little arms and legs, and sometimes looks like he’s ready to fight.  One thing that Trent and I find hilarious is that, when he gets tired, he flails with his hands all balled up in fists, and he sometimes punches himself in the face.  He gets this surprised look and then he does it again.  It is so funny to watch!

So many smiles!!!


Mr. Bubbles!

Health: We just had our two month check-up and Jedidiah is doing great! He is growing appropriately and meets all of his developmental milestones. He even had smiles for our doc. He still holds his head up so well and when our pediatrician lifted him up, he held his head upright, which usually doesn’t happen until about 4 months, he said. I’m so thankful that he is healthy!  He did get some baby acne on his cheeks, unfortunately right before we went to Minnesota to show him off.

Eating: Wow, this boy loves to eat. Thankfully, feedings have slowed down some and we are getting more and more time between feedings- now he’s eating every 2-2 1/2 hours (longer than that at night). This allows me a little more time to get other things done. We are still breastfeeding and pumping a little bit. It has gotten much easier (not easy) and much more enjoyable. Now I treasure the time Jedidiah and I get to spend together breastfeeding. Daddy got to feed Jedi his first bottle early this month, right before we headed to Minnesota to visit my family for Christmas. We wanted to make sure that he would take a bottle when my sister and her boyfriend babysat! He took it like a champ, and daddy really enjoyed feeding him!

He has started spitting up now (he only spit up once during his first month), so we always have to be prepared with a burp cloth.


Sleeping: His sleep patterns haven’t so much changed. He still sleeps pretty well at night and likes to sleep in in the mornings. Sometimes we get to lay there together until 10:30 or 11:00… it’s amazing! So even when he doesn’t nap during the day, at least I feel rested! He has been taking more naps lately, probably because he had a bit of a growth spurt, but I still don’t think he gets the 16 hours a day he’s supposed to. I still don’t feel like I get much done during the day, but I can tell that he’s happier when he’s well-rested.


Napping with mommy after a jog outside.

Diapers: This month we started using cloth diapers. We aren’t using them all the time, but we are trying to use them when we’re home at least. I find that I’m not quite proficient enough to use them when we’re out and about, but I’m sure I’ll get better at it. So far I like using them. There is an obvious learning curve, and they can be a bit of work (laundering, drying, and re-stuffing them), but they are so much better for the environment and we save lots of $$$$$. Little Jedidiah’s body is still pretty small, so when he’s in cloth diapers, he looks like he’s got a bubble butt… sing it with me now, “Baby’s got back!”

Clothes: He is just barely squeezing into some of his newborn clothes. He is too long for his sleepers, but some of the other onesies still fit him. On to 3 month clothes! Crazy how fast he is growing!

Social: We got out more this month, as we’ve gotten more and more comfortable with getting everything prepared and getting out the door.

  • We went to several holiday parties- one at DeVoir Fitness, where I do zumba, another with my Bible study gals at our annual white elephant gift exchange.

DeVoir Christmas party

My Bible Study gals

  • We visited Trent at school and went to Hope’s wedding shower.
  • We went to Minnesota for Christmas and met lots of family, friends, and church folk!  (a separate blog post shall follow about this trip)
  • We spent New Years Eve (and several other evenings) with Trent’s best friend Casey and his wife Shala
  • We have been active at church as greeters (yes, even Jedi) and have had a lot of fun with this current Star Wars themed sermon series.

#revyourlife “Forces that Form your Future”

  • I spent a day at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens with my friend Abby and the 6 kids under 6 that she watches (3 are her own).

Likes:  Being outside and going for walks, looking at lights and fans

Memorable moments and firsts:

  • He had his first bottle! Daddy finally got to feed him.
  • This month was the first time mommy and daddy got out and left him with “babysitters” (my sis and her boyfriend). We went and saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • He saw and got to play in snow for the first time!
  • He had his first Christmas(es) with both sides of our family.
  • He had his first plane ride (you can read about that in my January post Bubba’s first plane ride)
  • He met his Minnesota family (my side): his grandparents, aunts, uncles, soon-to-be-cousin and great-grandparents.
  • Pictures with Santa- we had our photo taken at Revolution church with Santa, and then both Trent’s dad and my dad dressed up as Santa for some photos with our little guy too. (Trent was also Santa last month for our initial “Christmas” photo shoot)
  • He had his first blowout diaper. It was the first day I tried using cloth diapers, but I didn’t realize that they needed to be much tighter around his legs than they were. We had a leak after that, and then I found the right settings on the elastic and we haven’t had any issues since.
  • He got to meet his cousin, Evelyn Joy, born 1 day before he turned 2 months old (via Skype).


What about mom?  I am doing good.  I had lost most of the baby weight but then came the holidays… I’m a sucker for Christmas cookies!  Anyways, I think I’ve just about recovered from that, but I’m still not where I’d like to be yet.  I have started running again and I’m up to comfortably running a mile.  I’ve really missed running!  Other than that, I feel good!  I’m loving my new job as a mommy!

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