“Bumpdates:” weeks 30-31

26 Sep

Week 30:
Wow! We are three quarters of the way through this pregnancy, which is so exciting, but 10 weeks still seems like a long way to go until we get to meet our little man. This week Jedi is the size of a cabbage. He weighs nearly 3 lbs and is almost 16 inches long. His eyesight is continuing to develop and he’s taking up more and more space in my uterus. This week we had lots of rain, so we took advantage of the rain (and my cute rain boots that I hardly ever get to wear) and took some fun pics!




This week was significant because it was my birthday week! 30 years old, 30 weeks pregnant. Trent got me a cute little crown and flowers and a card that says, “Life begins at 30.” This is funny because Trent ALWAYS says that about himself… that his life really didn’t begin until 30 (because that’s when he met me). And it is true for us in the sense that 30 is when we will start our family!

We celebrated my birthday a bit early over the weekend and went and saw the movie “War Room,” which we REALLY liked. It is so good… lots of truth in that movie. It was also a good reminder to us to continue to pray for each other, our marriage, and our baby. I totally recommend that you go see it! It’s definitely worth your while! We also went out to eat on my actual birthday at the Cracker Barrel with Trent’s family. I love the Cracker Barrel… so yummy! It was a really nice evening and it was fun to celebrate together. Thank you to everyone who called, texted, sent cards or messages on Facebook! Now only 10 days until Trent’s b-day!



My free peach cobbler for dessert!  YUMMY!!!

My free peach cobbler for dessert! YUMMY!!!

Everyone being silly ;)

Everyone being silly 😉

On Sunday evening, we celebrated another baby who’s coming soon- our friends Laura and Nathan’s little Rowen. We enjoyed food and fellowship at their place and had a really nice time seeing some old friends. She’s just about 6 weeks ahead of me and will be welcoming their little guy in early October.


Sadly, this week we found out that another one of our friends, Kelly Kravitz Graham, passed away. She is one of Trent’s friends from way back in High School and I didn’t meet her until she volunteered to be our wedding planner almost 5 years ago. She had wanted to start her own business but she needed practice and references, so she did it for us for free. She helped make our wedding day beautiful and made one of the most wonderful days of our lives very special. She had been suffering for a while from sickness that was controlling her body, so in a way, it was a blessing for her… a release from the sickness and hurt of this world. We went to her viewing and then I attended the funeral (it was on a school day so Trent couldn’t go). One of the only bright spots in this dark time was that Trent got to see a bunch of his old friends from High School. We all went out to eat together and it was a really nice time to catch up (and to meet Van and Kathy’s little man, Declan).

Every time I remember our wedding, I will remember Kelly.

Every time I remember our wedding, I will remember Kelly.

Kelly and Raul (the photographer)

Kelly and Raul (the photographer)

Symptoms this week: I’ve had a few headaches this week- nothing that was too bad or that didn’t get better with a bit of peppermint oil, but annoying nonetheless. I’ve still been pretty tired, but with bursts of energy that keep me busy.

week 30

Week 31:
Jedidiah is the size of a coconut this week! We could only find small ones in our grocery store, so I’m pretty sure that the pictures aren’t actually accurate to his size, but here they are nonetheless. This coconut has nothing on some of the coconuts we’ve had in the Philippines! He weighs about 3.3 lbs and is just over 16 inches long, but he will be rapidly growing in these next few weeks. He is fattening up for birth and is moving around quite a bit.





This week we had a baby shower for Jedi’s auntie Katey and the little girl she and Nathan are expecting. It was a nice time to catch up with some mutual friends and to see family at a celebration (instead of a funeral). We had a lovely afternoon, Cohen and I hung out at the park when the party was over and we had a long talk about whether Jedi is a boy or a girl. He told me “She can be a mommy when she grows up.” To which I replied, “Well, Cohen, you know that Jedi is a boy, right? Boys can’t have babies.” He said to me with the utmost certainty, “I said SHE, didn’t you hear, she means it’s a girl, HE means it’s a boy.” I told him I’m pretty sure that Jedidiah is a boy, but he remained unconvinced. Silly kid. He will find out soon enough!


Sunday was a very productive day for us. We got a lot done around the house, yard and garden. It feels good to check things off the “To-do” list (My nesting phase may also play a role in things).

Other than that, we didn’t do anything major until Wednesday, when we went in for an ultrasound. We went voluntarily. We hadn’t had one since we found out that Jedi was a boy at 18 weeks, so a lot had changed in the 13 weeks since then! Jedi looks healthy but not only were his hands in front of his face the whole time, his feet were too! We only got a bit of a profile shot during a moment when his little face wasn’t completely covered up. She confirmed that he is in fact, a boy, and he has hair… lots of thick hair, she said (no surprise there). The only thing that was strange is that he is measuring much further along than we think he should be… the technician put him at 35 weeks… nearly 3 weeks later than we thought we were. She said he weighs about 5 pounds 1 ounce, which means that if he gains another half a pound every week until his due date, that we are going to have one BIG baby! And he measures long. So now we’re trying to figure out when our ACTUAL due date is… whether it is November 19, like we thought, or whether it is November 1, like the ultrasound says. Who knows… but we better be ready for him… he could be here even sooner than we think!

ultrasound pic

Symptoms this week: I have just been pretty tired. I have a hard time getting up in the mornings, even after I’ve gone back to sleep after Trent leaves. I’m still having Braxton Hicks contractions, and I’ve been having more cramps in my hips, especially at night when I’m sleeping. It’s also getting harder to move around- especially to roll over in bed!

week 31

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