“Bumpdates:” weeks 28-29

11 Sep

I’m trying to post my “bumpdates” more often so that they’re not as long! Here are the last two weeks:

Week 28:
Baby boy is almost 15 inches long and weighs two and a quarter pounds. I’ve been using two different websites for my weekly fruit/vegetable size comparisons, and this week I couldn’t use the suggestion on either one. The first one said that Jedidiah is the size of an eggplant (but the other said he was an eggplant weeks ago), whereas the other said he was the size of a Kabocha squash… whatever that is! HEB (our local grocery store) had never heard of them, neither did they carry them.

kambocha squash

So… I ended up looking for another fruit or vegetable that doesn’t get used again in the next 12 weeks and I came up with a papaya. It is most likely bigger than my baby really is, but the length is probably pretty accurate, so that’s what I went with! Jedi can open his eyes now (they were fused shut until 27 weeks) and blink. He even has eyelashes! His brain and lungs are continuing to develop and he’s still fattening up for his final appearance!




This week was kind of sad. We went to yet another funeral for one of Trent’s family members (the second funeral since we’ve been back in TX). I was reminded again of how short life is, and how we really need to live every day as if it were our last. Thankfully she was a believer, so we have the assurance that she is in a better place. We were able to see a lot of family members at the funeral, but it was still very sad. Live with no regrets and seek to repair and restore broken relationships… you never know when it might be too late.

In addition to the funeral, one of my closest friends had a miscarriage this week. It feels like it wasn’t long ago that we were celebrating this new life growing inside of her, and now that joy has been replaced by a season of sadness. Again, I was reminded that life is short, but that we should celebrate it while it is here! Life is a gift and a blessing!

This week wasn’t all sad… we had our third baby shower this Saturday! The first one we had was in China right before we left, the second was in Minnesota with my family and friends, and now we’ve had one back home in Texas. 🙂 It was a really nice time to (kind of) catch up with family and friends. I got to meet a few new people that I hadn’t met before- one of Trent’s good childhood friends, Antonio; our friend Beau’s fiance, Karrin; and Trent’s cousin, Maggie, that I’d never before had the chance to meet. We also got to meet a few new kiddos who weren’t born quite yet when we left to return to China last July. We ate lots of food and cake and opened lots of awesome gifts for baby Jedi. Our nephew Cohen was a very good helper when it came to opening presents!



We were able to continue using two very sweet gifts that Catherine made for me for my first baby shower: the beehive for “Baby L” and a special book that she made me for notes and such. Thanks Cat!!!



Our little helper, Cohen!

Our little helper, Cohen!



One of my favorite gifts... "Daddy's Little Jedi"  Be still, my heart!

One of my favorite gifts… “Daddy’s Little Jedi” Be still, my heart!

Another blessing of that day was that our good friends Zach and Heather came. We know Zach and Heather from our time in China and they left only a few months before we did. Lucky for us, most of our closest friends from China live in MN or TX (what are the odds???), and this couple lives just north of Austin in Georgetown. They made the trip down and even took photos of our big day. After the baby shower, they helped clean up (thanks guys) and hung around for a bit of local Mexican food at our favorite local restaurant, Garcia’s. We spent a little time showing them our house and the boys played a bit of guitar together while us girls chatted. It was really nice to have them here!




20150829_201649 (1)


The delicious ice cream dessert we shared at Garcia's.

The delicious ice cream dessert we shared at Garcia’s.

On Sunday we were able to meet up with another friend, Ana, and meet her new husband (lots of things changed while we were away). We went to eat at Chuy’s (can you tell we like to eat Mexican food?!?) and spent the afternoon catching up. Before we left, Ana gave us a gift for sweet Jedidiah since she hadn’t been able to make it to the shower. It was really great to see her!


Symptoms this week:
I have been so much more tired than normal! The first two weeks that Trent was back at school I got up and did my devotions and then, typically, stayed up and tried to make the most of my days. This week though I’ve gone back to bed EVERY morning and slept all the way until my zumba class at 10. I’ve also noticed that I have to pee more (already?!?). I was hoping that it wouldn’t kick in until much closer to the end of pregnancy but I guess my baby likes to push on my bladder.

week 28

Week 29:
This week Jedi is the size of a butternut squash! He weighs about 2 and a half pounds and is a bit over 15 inches long. His brain is continuing to develop and so baby boy’s head is growing (hopefully not too big… I still gotta push him out of me!). His bones are continuing to harden and so he needs a lot of calcium in the upcoming days and weeks. His lungs are continuing to prepare for breathing outside of the womb and baby boy’s muscles are getting stronger too.





This week we went for another check-up and I learned that I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions. I didn’t have any idea that they were happening, but as my midwife lifted up my shirt to begin the exam, she showed me that my uterine muscles were contracting. I guess I noticed this last week too, but never thought that I was having a contraction! Everything looked fine for baby Jedi and we attended our first birthing class at the NB Family Birth Center right after our appointment. It is fascinating all the things we’re learning about (and I thought I already knew a LOT). Women’s bodies are pretty amazing! We will continue attending natural birthing classes for the next 6 weeks.

This past weekend, we went to Canyon Lake to celebrate the baptisms of two of my good friends, Hallie and Andrea (Dre). A friend of their pastor has a lovely home on the lake that they let us use for the day. We swam and hung out most of the afternoon, and then around 5:00pm, we headed down to the lake. Ken Hicks, their pastor, prayed over them and then we all prayed over them. It was a beautiful time. Then, one by one, they were baptized. In addition to my two friends, Hallie’s oldest two kids were baptized along with a few others (that I didn’t know) from their church.


Baptisms always get me. I can’t help but to cry (and it has nothing to do with me being pregnant). Baptism is such a beautiful celebration of life change; it is a celebration of what Jesus has done in them and for them, and the public declaration of their faith in front of so many others has always been extremely powerful to me. I can only pray that they can share about their baptisms and thereby be a testimony to others of the incredible grace of God.

After the baptisms, we went back up to the house for some food! It was a potluck but they had the grill going too- there were burgers and hot dogs (which I can’t eat) and sausages… so much deliciousness. One good part about being pregnant is that I can EAT without being judged. It’s awesome.



Andrea, Hallie and I

Andrea, Hallie and I

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out and taking some belly pics before heading back home.




We were particularly thankful for the long weekend! Trent had Monday off which gave us an extra day together and it gave him a much-needed break (yes, already) from his crazy life at school. He’s been spending long hours there and so we haven’t seen too much of each other (which is really hard for us because we’re used to doing everything together). This long labor day weekend was a nice reprieve for both of us. We were able to get a lot of small things done around the house, like hanging photos, paintings, artwork, etc. We finally got around to these little things that had been on our to-do lists for a while now.

Chinese painting



wedding photos

Another highlight of my week was on Wednesday when Heather (my friend from China) and I went to Dallas (yes, again) to visit our other friend Catherine (also from China) one last time before she heads to North Dakota for her brother’s wedding and then back to China shortly thereafter. We arrived around 1:00pm and thankfully got to see and play with Elijah for a few minutes before we headed out to get lunch. The three of us went to Ernesto’s for lunch and enjoyed chips, queso, delicious Mexican food and great conversation. I love these ladies so much. We’re not just friends, we’re sisters in Christ, and that makes our friendships so much more powerful. I’m really going to miss Catherine when she returns to China, but am super thankful that Heather lives fairly close to us! We spent all afternoon there and then began the trip back. On the way, we stopped in Waco to see Heather’s brother and to interview him for a Bachelorette party game that would be happening this coming weekend. It was nice to meet him. Then we drove back. The rain didn’t start until we were nearly to Heather’s house, but my drive home was basically in a torrential downpour! I went about 30 mph on the highway for nearly an hour because the visibility was so bad. Everyone was just crawling along! It was pretty scary actually, and a bit stressful, but I was thankful that Heather had prayed over me and my car before we left her house. I knew that Trent was praying too. It took me longer than I would have liked to get home, but Jedi and I made it in one piece! So thankful!



Symptoms this week:
Again… SO tired!!! I feel like I could sleep all day! The Braxton Hicks contractions have continued (but they’re nothing to worry about). I’ve also noticed that my balance seems off this week… apparently that’s normal too. Baby is growing and so is my belly, which causes some shifting of my center of gravity. My belly keeps growing bigger and sometimes I forget how big it is. The other day I opened a door and started to walk through, but apparently I hadn’t opened it wide enough because I walked my belly right into it. Ouch! Sorry Jedi!

week 29

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