Baby “Trangie” is a…

29 Jun

The time finally came for us to go back to the doctor… our last doctor’s appointment in China before heading back to the States. We went Saturday to have our last ultrasound, possibly find out the gender of our baby, get travel clearance from the hospital (This is required to leave China) and have some blood work done.

We went right away in the morning, not so much because we were excited, but because I couldn’t eat or drink anything until my blood work was done. Since I’ve been waking up so early in the mornings, I was already starving and SUPER thirsty when we walked in the hospital doors at 8am (since I’d already been up for hours). Even though we arrived only a few minutes after 8, it was already pretty busy. Thankfully I only had to wait a short while before my nurse helped me to the counter where you give blood- we took care of that and finally I could take a long swig out of the water bottle that had been taunting me since we left the house.

Then came the exciting part… the ultrasound. This was our chance to find out if baby “Trangie” would be a boy or a girl! Thankfully at this hospital Trent is allowed to be in the room with me and he and I both watched the scan on a flat screen TV in front of us. It was so amazing to watch our baby moving all around, since I can’t really feel the movements yet. It’s crazy to see what is happening inside me!  We watched intently, perhaps nervously, as the doctor performed the scan. The nurse came with me (since she speaks English) and sat beside me as we watched. The scan moved to show baby’s heart and I remarked about it just as the nurse said, “It’s so obvious.” I wasn’t sure if she was talking about the heart or the sex of the baby, due to the timing of what she said. So Trent and I continued to watch as the doctor made all sorts of measurements, and then came the big announcement… “It’s a BOY!!!”

I think I was in shock as she said it, Trent too. Soon after she told us, she switched to the 3-D ultrasound where we got to see baby’s face and his little arms moving around and his little mouth opening and closing. It was so cool, I think we were both still taking it all in! Finally, the doctor wrapped up and Trent and I got to celebrate the news… a boy! Trent’s going to have a little “Mini-Me” running around in a few more months and I couldn’t be more excited about it.


3-D ultrasound

baby open mouth

Trent was pretty emotional- I think the reality of it hit him before it had sunk in for me. We hugged for a while and he cried. Then we headed to get breakfast and Trent let me watch the video he had taken of the ultrasound… THEN it hit me and I was in tears too. We’re going to have a baby boy! I think we were on cloud nine for the rest of the day.


Boy announcement


As we were finishing up eating, I realized that in all the excitement, we had forgotten to get our “clearance to fly” from the hospital. Thankfully we were still very close and so we headed back.

As we walked in the doors, we were surprised to see some friends sitting there. In my “preggo brain” thoughts, I was thinking, “Do they already know that we’re having a boy? Are they here to celebrate with us?” Perhaps not the most logical train of thought, but “preggo brain” is a REAL thing, people! Anyways, it turns out that our friends had just found out that they were pregnant too, so not only did we get to share our good news, but we got to rejoice with them in their news! All in all, it was a very blessed day!

Me looking down

me looking up

Side bow

T and A looking down

Trent bow in front of face

Trent with the bow


What did we think?

Angie- I thought it was a boy, but wasn’t really sure. I had one dream where it was a boy and it seemed very real and vivid (unlike some of the other crazy baby dreams I’ve had in the past where the baby doesn’t have a name, or we forgot to tell our families, or I hadn’t fed the baby in days…).

Trent- He thought it was a boy too… just a hunch. Thankfully we weren’t basing our guesses only on dreams… if we were, I might be having a bunny, not a baby! (Yes, he really dreamed that)

Our Pre-K/Kindergarten class- The kids voted 10-3 that baby “Trangie” would be a girl. The majority of them also said that we should name said girl “Angie.” Four year old Carson asked me, “Do you know why I think you’re having a girl?” I asked, “Why?” He said with such certainty, “Well you’re a girl, so you should have a girl.” Silly kids.

We had some older students who had a bet going for whether baby “Trangie” was a boy or a girl, so I’m sure Julia will be happy to read that she was the winner… sorry, Michael! 😉

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